Swing Door Openers installing precautions

Posted by aihw on May 18th, 2021

Swing Door Openeris designed to open and close the sliding gate (translation gate). Be careful before installation, pay attention to the following:

1. Only allow for use in a well-known state, and must be used in accordance with the product manual to specify safety awareness and dangerous consciousness;

2, the door cannot be installed on the slope, and there must be a certain safe distance between the door body and other objects;

3, in order to prevent the influence of winter icing, the running track must be installed in a good drainage;

4, make sure the door can smoothly slide on the track, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the door or close;

5. The large opening position and closing position at the door must be installed the limit device, otherwise the door body may be detached from the track in the emergency unlock;

6, the door must be stable and distorted, that is, the swing, bending or deformation is not allowed when opening or closing;

7. Translation doorkeloads cannot compensate for the defects of the door itself or the wrong installation of the door body;

8, make sure the sliding door is installed on a firm foundation;

9. The output gear of the panning doorway and the walking rack on the door should have a 2-3 mm gap;

10. Be sure to release any locking devices (such as electronic locks, latches, etc.) on the door before using a panning door.

11, the cable sleeve must be installed. If the button is controlled by the button, the height of the button installed should be 1.6 m to prevent child malfunction.

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