How to install Split AC with 4 Easy Steps?

Posted by Ayesha Verma on May 20th, 2021

Getting home a split AC in summer is a joy. You will now have access to a cool and comfortable home. A split AC is an amazing air conditioner that instantly cools down space without any noise. If you are excited to experience the cooling, get it installed quickly. Did you know that a split AC has a very easy installation done? Are you trying to volunteer it or pay a technician to do it? Well if you are good with screws, drills, and tools, you can easily get it done. There is absolutely no need to look for a technician and pay him a good amount. A split AC is not a difficult one to install like any other online air conditioner. If you feel you can manage the installation and get it set up, then go ahead with the following four steps.

  1. Installation of the inner system
  • The first thing you will do is selecting the wall that you will use for your split AC. Make sure the wall is strong enough to carry the weight of the air conditioner. This will ensure that you are having a proper circulation of air around the space.
  • Now you will install a mounting plate on this wall. For this, you will require a drilling machine so that you make holes in the wall as required and then put all the screws to fix the mounting plate. Make the plate completely leveled up.
  • A split AC has pipes going from exterior to interior. If you check, you will find out the pipes going from exterior to interior. For insertion of the pipes, you need to make holes on both sides of the split AC.
  • Connect all the cable wires to the exterior back of the panel, making sure that every copper wire is plugged in the machine.
  • Then comes the PVC pipe through all the holes into the interior system. The inner system gets mounted on the plate.
  1. Installing the outdoor unit
  • Select the location. You need a flat location where there will be no pollution of any kind of dust. It would be great for the exterior unit.
  • Now set the concrete pad and keep the base level in place. If the base is not in a leveled position, the air conditioner will keep vibrating and the performance will be affected.
  • You need to remove the cover and plug the power to secure the pipe into the exterior system.
  1. Complete the installation
  • Open all the caps and then connect a hose to the exterior service port. Turn on the vacuum till it reaches the depth of 10 mm Hg. This will start the pressure for all the pipes and helps you to check for leakages.
  • Wrap it around with the wrapping tape to keep all the joints and prevents any kind of tear and wear.
  • Now you will need clips so that the machine is there in place. There is no movement or wear and tear. Add some clay to all the holes to ensure that isolation of the room is in place.
  1. Enjoy your cooling

Now you can enjoy your air conditioner cooling. Make sure you are not having any loose screws. You should ensure that there are no leakages in the pipes.

Wrapping up

If you get hold of the best split AC in Indiayou can get it installed yourself. Follow the following steps to install your split AC without the help of any technician.

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