Be patient in FIFA 16

Posted by james bonds on October 20th, 2015

Going back to what OP said, players don't lose much stamina and pace even if your attacks constantly doing 50~80m counter run for the entire game. If the opponent has been chasing and countering all game, they should be spent by the end

Tearing apart opponents with good passing is very rewarding, but spamming dribble or lobbed ball is so much easier considering how attackers can bulldoze and friendly roll through good tackles on regular basis.

It also doesn't help that AI defending is so retarded Fifa 16 coins xbox one. Whenever i lose posession it seems like the opponents attackers are rushing towards my goal while my defenders move up and approach the attacker before they turn back. By the time i have control over my defenders, their momentum is carrying them forward and any fast paced attacker can easily blow past them at that point.

I also think lag plays a big factor too. Possession requires a lot of precise control and you won't get that when it's Fifa 16 coins xbox 360. On the other hand lobbed ball and spamming dribble don't require much nuance and you have to be very precise with your defensive positioning to stop them.

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