How to Give Your Home Sweet Home a Makeover

Posted by Edward on October 26th, 2015

Makeovers break the monotony of life be it on a personal level like haircuts or revamping your wardrobe and discovering hidden treasures, de-cluttering your workspace, or giving a personalized touch to your wall tiles or simply redoing your entire home to feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is easier on the pocket and can be done on your own without actually needing the help of pricey interior decorators. All you need is a little bit of creativity and understanding of the home decor basics and perseverance to bring a change. A combination of ideas could make for a perfect makeover recipe.

          We list a few amazing and easy home makeover tips to revamp your home:

  1. Change the wallpapers and colours: This is the basic and most important thing to do, in fact, you would be surprised to see the significant difference a change and interplay of colours can make to your room. Don’t be shy to implement creative and snazzy looking wallpapers over your ceramic tiles.

         Throw coloured sequined and eccentric design cushions over plain sofa covers for a dramatic appeal.

  1. Placement: Change the placement of the almirahs and cupboards and that sofa. It would add freshness to the room without any effort.

          Change the cutlery and crockery in the display tables by newer ones that have been resting inside. You would be                   amazed by the difference you feel by this simple exercise


  1. Change wall pictures: New pictures can instil a newer freshness and revive other memories. In fact, make it a habit to keep changing all the stuff that goes on your walls periodically.
  1. If your home has a rustic charm, infuse certain modern elements like basic pieces of furniture. For example, replace wood by steel and vice versa or replace those traditional tiles with digital tiles. Modernity and rusticity should be altered between. It creates the illusion of living in two different time periods.
  1. Have you thought of having fun by painting the leg of an old wooden chair? It would be such a beautiful addition to your living room. How about placing certain cramped wool bundles or knitting material over it and creating your own piece of accessory? Innovative, cheap and exceptionally unique.
  1. Bored of that boring home office? Why not give it an edge by placing certain coloured boxes full of stationary or unused files. In fact, make room for pen stands made with bangles to add a dash of colour and tradition.
  1. Use old wine bottles as lamps in your balcony and around your plants. You could wrap coloured appears around them to brighten up things.
  1. Have a creative corner in your boring workplace or home office. Use it to unleash your creative side and place quirky quotes to add fun element while studying or working.

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