Advantages Of Hospice Care In Baltimore And Washington, DC

Posted by professionalhealthcarephri on June 2nd, 2021

Every person is mortal! Well, this is not just an idea but the absolute truth that every individual has to accept. Many patients diagnosed with a terminal illness may not be up to invasive treatment and want to remain within their homes at relative peace. While staying hospitalized is undoubtedly an option, medical professionals are not opposed to respecting their patient’s wishes by allowing the family member to arrange for hospice care in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Availing of this care does not mean that the doctors or family is giving up on the patient. On the contrary, many older adults and terminally ill patients are relieved to avoid painful interventions and associated discomfort and embrace the care provided by the care providers in a hospice.

Some of the advantages that are difficult to obtain by opting for regular treatment procedures that may or may not work and being injected with experimental drugs are possible when in hospice care. The family and close friends of the patient, along with the concerned individual, are hay to find the following:-

· Familiar Environment- The elderly patient or a seriously ill patient does not have to awake in an alien bed every morning and remain confused at the hullaballoo occurring inside a conventional hospital. Instead, the patient can remain n a familiar bed inside one’s home with no strange sounds or noises assailing the senses. This makes the patient feel comforted and happy on being surrounded by a friendly care provider who is quick to offer all necessities without irritating the patient. Moreover, the family members are free to visit regularly, making the patient happy too.

· Effective Plan- Most senior patients tend to lose the will to undergo invasive treatments at the fag end of their life. Many of them prefer to remain comfortable in their own homes. The doctors plus caregivers try to keep them as comfortable as possible by reducing the pain and associated suffering. A comprehensive plan is usually formulated by the medical team that may comprise doctors, nurses, clergy, and therapists. The objective of hospice care is to keep the patient contented and satisfied without any stress.

· Dignity- This type of care is patient-centric and revolves around proper care and comfort. The plan is tailor-made with the care gives listening to the patient closely and provides companionship and comfort so that the patient lacks nothing. The family members are free to visit their loved ones and converse with the patient, thus providing support and peace of mind. The concerned individual gets to live with dignity until the last moment of life without being pestered by a hoard of doctors and nurses to undertake invasive procedures of the treatment.

Apart from providing therapeutic care and medication as part of hospice care, a home-bound patient may also require adequate home care in Baltimore and Washington, DC, including personal grooming and cooking healthy, nutritious food for the patient who may be too weak to eat as before.

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