Useful Tips for Car Rental Services in Maintaining Their Fleet of Cars

Posted by Cretarent on November 16th, 2015

Operating a rental car business is a tough business. Customers always demand the latest models, and out of town travellers will always need excellent GPS.But above all, your cars need to be clean and extremely well maintained. Maintenance of a fleet of cars is a large and recurring investment, but at the same time it is indispensable for any rental car business. The customer should never have to deal with breakdowns or even cosmetic defects like torn seat covers. With impeccably maintained cars, you receive excellent feedback, references and return customers ­­– all of which are significant factors for growing the business.

Usually, large business owners have their technicians, mechanics and automobile experts for maintaining their cars. Smaller agencies can tie up with a reputed garage that provides a full range of services at reasonable cost. Even for larger agencies, a partnership with a reputed garage that has branches in the areas you operate in can bail you out in an emergency. It is important to set priorities when working on maintenance of a large number of vehicles. Here, have a few tips for rental service operators for maintaining your fleet of cars.


Engine and Related Parts:

Unsurprisingly, engine maintenance gets the tops spot. Unlike personal vehicles, rental car operators need to put in extra work to ensure that the engine stays in top condition. Regular maintenance is very important. Check and if necessary replace air and oil filters, spark plugs, belts, etc. to ensure that the car runs smoothly. Ensure that all fluids, oils, coolants and lubricants are at adequate levels.

Check the Electricals:

Ensure that the cars’ electrical systems are working. These need to be examined and tested thoroughly at frequent intervals. Also, ensure that the dials and meters are working properly. This includes checking the power window controls, parking sensors, window defoggers, etc.


Tire Care:

The air pressure of the tires must be examined after every rental and frequently if the car is not in use. It is best to set up a cycle for inspection and logging the data. If possible, ensure that the tire pressure is at correct levels when preparing a car for a rental. Always replace tires with worn treads. It is also important to align the wheels at regular intervals.

Check the Lights:

Ensure that all the lights are working and aligned properly. This needs to be done at regular intervals. Remember to check the interior lights too. Check for damage and cracks in the light casings and replace occluded or damaged covers.


Check the windshield periodically for minor damage or wear. Replace worn wiper blades and ensure that the windshield fluids are filled. If the car has headlight wipers, then they need periodic care too.

Interior Care:

Examine the interiors regularly for any damage or worn out components. Apart from regular cleaning, also check the GPS systems, radio, glove compartment locks, door handles, etc.

In addition to these steps, rental cars, just like personal vehicles need to undergo a full service at recommended intervals. Proper maintenance of your fleet is the most crucial aspect of running an auto rental business and is worth the investment.

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