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Posted by gracedashen on November 18th, 2015

Camel Warriors are the latest creatures to feature in Raptor's Challenge. Among all kinds of beings in Gielinor, camel warriors are among the strangest and deadliest one. Hurry up to kill camel warriors and get the rewards. If you are in need of RS 3 gold to kill the camel warriors, you can consider buying RS gold cheap on RS3gold. You can find them on island east of Sophanem via the Agility shortcut. Here are our tips on how to kill camel warriors.

Underestimate them at your peril

As you can see, camel warriors are the masters of melee and ancient magic, and it can be quite challenging to kill them. Camel warriors are able to use a unique form of sorcery – mirages made of smoke, blood as well as shadow. It is worth to point out that each type has a different ability, buffing or healing others, or stealing your prayer points. So it is wise for you to deal with them as soon as possible. If you need RS gold, you can buy some on RS3gold.

Useful tips to kill camel warriors

1. Auto attack them 2 times at the beginning of the fight, and they will split into 3 mirages.
2. Shadow -> Blood -> Smoke. Kill them in this order while praying mage.
3. When he gets back, just dps him while watching his hand. Sidestep and keep doing the same when he beats the staff on the ground (sandstorm attack).
4. If you Rapid Fire him he will instantly sandstorm, otherwise he'll only when the adrenaline bar reaches 100%.

Rewards you can get from killing camel warriors

Chances are that you will pick up the level 85 camel staff. This a mighty magical implement that can inflict extra damage over time and reduce your target's damage-dealing capabilities. Besides, you'll be able to hit the 15 required to unlock the Raptor-themed cosmetic amour set. If you want to get the camel staff as well as the amour set, you should make sure to gather enough RS gold in your bank.

It is not easy to kill camel warriors, and we hope our tips can help you. If you are in need of runescape 3 gold when you are trying to kill camel warriors, you can visit RS3gold and buy RS gold cheap from us. 5% free RS gold bonus activity will be available on RS3gold, and you can buy cheapest RS gold and get free bonus from us during the activity. Just take your time to join in our activity. Have fun.

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