Buy RS Gold Cheap on RS3gold to Kill Camel Warriors for Camel Staff & More

Posted by gracedashen on November 18th, 2015

Runescape numbers are join in the killing of the latest creatures after the release of Camel Warriors in Runescape. However, it is not a easy task to kill the strangest and deadliest creature. If you want to kill the boss successfully, it is very necessary for you to have enough RS 3 gold in your bank. It is wise for you to buy RS 3 gold cheap on RS3gold to help you kill the monster. Besides, here are our tips on how to kill camel warriors.

Avoid triggering sandstorm attack

These monsters are capable of slamming their staffs into the ground to summon a special sandstorm. It will do damage each tick, and each time it damages you it will double. Using rapid fire causes the camel warrior to use his sandstorm attack. Besides, Binding shot, Tight Bindings, and Rapid Firewill trigger this attack as well. When the camel warrior slams his staff into the ground, simply step away from it to avoid taking heavy damage. If you are in need of RS 3 gold to kill the boss, you can buy cheap RS gold cheap on RS3gold.

Deal with Mirages of Camel Warriors

After the camel warrior takes a bit of damage, it will dissociate into 3 different mirages:
1. Smoke mirage - this mirage uses smoke spells, which will reduce your accuracy.
2. Shadow mirage - this mirage uses shadow spells, which will lower your damage. 
3. Blood mirage - This mirage uses blood spells, and can heal the other mirages. 
To deal with these, smoke would take priority to prevent your accuracy from being lowered too far. And then you can target the nearest mirage and fix last one.

Loots you can get from camel warriors

Chances are that you will pick up the level 85 camel staff after you kill the monster. I n addition to this, you are also able to get: Fire Talismans; Coconuts; Cactus Spines; Grimy avantoes; dwarf weeds, and lantadymes; Potato cactus; Black dragonhide; Onyx bolt tips (not noted but stackable). Hurry up to buy cheap RS gold on RS3gold to help you get these loots and more.

If you want to kill the monster and get camel staff and more loots, you'd better stock up enough runescape 3 gold in your bank to help you. If you are in need of RS 3 gold, you can always buy RS gold cheap on RS3gold. The good news is that 5% free RS Gold bonus added to RS 3 Gold for Thanksgiving will be available on RS3gold. Make sure to buy cheap RS gold on RS3gold by joining in our activity.

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