Recycle Ink & Toner Cartridges: Environmental Benefits

Posted by rickymartin on November 18th, 2015

Companies with high printing requirements spend a considerable amount every year on paper, ink and toners. This expenditure can be significantly reduced with the use of recycled cartridges or the reuse of cartridges. Cartridge recycling is appreciated and implemented by industries across the globe in their operations to reduce the impact on environment. In North America alone, more than 40,000 tons of metal and plastic is saved from landfills annually as a result of cartridge recycling. What’s more, we can save 9599 kilograms of aluminium, 40 tons of plastic and 1,000,000 litters of oil by recycling 100,000 used cartridges. It should not be hard to imagine the immense environmental benefit that we can provide by reusing the cartridges even before recycling them.

Cartridge remanufacturing is the highest form of recycling and is the ideal way to give used inkjet and toner cartridges another life. Needless to say, inkjet printer cartridges are expensive to buy and take more than 1000 years to decompose. By taking the route to spending in remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges, companies can save money and the environment.

Now, take a deep look at the environmental benefits of cartridges reuse/recycle.

  • It helps save energy
  • It reduces air and water pollution associated with land filling, incineration or manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • It decreases emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
  • It helps retain the environment for future generations.
  • It helps conserve the natural resources like water, timber, oil/petroleum and minerals because it reduces the need for raw materials.

On the brighter side, recycling companies are offering businesses customised programs to boost their eco initiatives. Businesses can save money, time and the planet by adopting inkjet cartridge refilling programs. This is a unique, complete lifecycle and zero landfill waste programs enable businesses to do their bit for the environment.

Companies offering remanufactured laser printer toner cartridges or inkjet cartridge refilling offers customised online ordering system. Companies can upload their information like printer details, shipping details, etc and order their supplies online. This saves time, money and frustration of purchasing cartridges.

Today, more and more companies are considering using recycled cartridges. The plastic used in cartridges have a very slow decomposing rate ranging between 450 to 1000 years depending on the type of cartridge. Without causing any harm to the environment and miniature life, businesses should continue to meet their printing cartridges through the use of recycled versions of inkjet printer cartridges and toner cartridges.

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