The Hairy Bush Viper For Sale And its Facts

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Hairy bush viper is poisonous snake in Africa. These bush snakes are now living in Congo, Uganda as well as Kenya. There are three main subspecies of the spiny bush viper which differ in size, color, and type of environment where they can be found. Spiny rose bush vipers prefer rainforests that offer lots of flowering bushes. These types of snakes are rarely seen in the wild simply because they inhabit regions which are distant from the human settlements. For the same reason, exact number of living spiny bush vipers in wild is mysterious.

Interesting Spiny rose bush viper Facts:

Hairy bush viper for sale are small snakes that can reach 18 to 23. 6 inches long. Females are larger than males.

Spiny bush vipers usually are green, olive, bluish or golden in color. They've yellow or pale olive belly. Physique ends with ivory-white trail. Brightly colored bush vipers (yellow, grey or reddish) are hardly seen in the wild.

Spiny rose bush vipers have wide-ranging head with significant eyes, large jaws and slit-like nostrils which are placed laterally.

Body of the Hairy bush viper for sale is insured with scales which are heavily keeled with a dorsal side from the body. That is why these snakes will also be called rough-scaled viper and hairy viper snake.

Spiny bush viper is one of the best climbers. It reaches the top of main flowering bushy crops easily, where it spends most of its day, basking in sun.

Tail of spiny bush vipers is usually prehensile. Snakes use their tails to put on the branches once they move through the vegetation or to hold from the branches once they see a victim.

Spiny bush viper is nocturnal creature (active throughout the night).

Spiny bush viper is a carnivore (meat-eater). It typically eats rodents, frogs, birds and lizards.

The Spiny bush viper is known as an ambush predator. It makes of its fangs to kill. Before an attack, spiny bush snake curls their body in an S shape.

Spiny bush viper generates strong venom which often induces severe bleeding of bodily organs. Amount and strength from the venom can be determined by the age of snake, geographic region, altitude and weather.

Snakebite might be fatal for humans since antidote for the venom doesn't really exist. Luckily, people rarely visit isolated and remote habitats of Central Africa wherever spiny bush viper may be found.

Female gives birth to 9 to 12 toddlers usually from March to April. Spiny bush vipers are usually 6 inches long at birth and also have dark green body covered in wavy whipping. Young snakes get adult colors at the age of 3 or more months.

Because they're a fairly small and very inactive snake, a somewhat small terrarium will suffice for their keeping. A new vertically oriented terrarium of 15 or 20 gallon capacity is big enough for a pair or trio of adults. With a protected and sturdy ascending limb or a couple, elevated corkbark skins, and a sturdy live plant (such as an Epipremnum) a beautiful and very useful terrarium setup may be designed.

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