The Exciting Decision of Investing In Timeshare Can Quickly Turn Sour

Posted by Mathew Corper on December 3rd, 2015

Buying a timeshare is quite an exciting decision as it means that you are now the owner of a vacation home. It is a place that you can visit every year to go and relax and spend quality time with family and friends. No more wondering where to go and wondering whether the choice is the right one since you already know what to expect. After a few years though, this may not be as exciting as the first few years and you may want to cancel it or resell it to another buyer. Timeshare resale in Canada is not very easy as it could be difficult to get buyers who are willing to invest in that particular location as well as finds the time of the year suitable. So it is absolutely important to consider all these points before you think of investing in a timeshare resort.

More Sellers than Buyers Causes A Crash In Prices

The resale timeshares that are for sale in Canada outnumber the buyers, which means that many sellers are stuck with their property. At times they are even forced to sell at a price that is much lower than the amount they invested. This is when the sellers consider approaching the timeshare company to cancel it. This is also quite difficult but it is possible. There are lawyers who are specialists in this and will make sure that you are able to cancel.

Timeshares Are an Investment That Does Not Increase In Value

Another thing to remember when investing in a timeshare is that unlike other investments, the value of this will not appreciate. The chances are that finally you will be losing money. The original price that you paid may have also included an amount that you had to pay to cover the costs of sales. When it comes to timeshare resale in Canada, you can only ask for the current cost of the timeshare which will certainly have come down due to wear and tear. You will also be required to pay a commission to the agent who helps to sell the property. All in all you will only incur a loss and not a profit.

Timeshares Become a Burden Rather Than a Joy

When owners are fed up with paying the mounting maintenance costs and not being able to enjoy a vacation at a time of their choice because the resort is booked up, they are forced to sell or cancel. This is when cheap timeshares are available for sale in Canadaand in fact in any part of the world. More and more people are realizing their folly in making such an investment and are just waiting to get rid of it.

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