Dr. Daniel Imperato: Master of Catholic Leadership

Posted by Daniel Imperato on June 10th, 2021

The Catholic faith stands for high standards across the world. The followers of the faith live an outstanding life with concern and care for one another. They uphold the highest standards of morality and offer forgiveness and compassion to live out the ideals enshrined.

Dr. Daniel Imperato, recipient of several awards and honors, and is more than a master of Catholic leadership. His worldwide relations range from His Holiness the Pope, priests, presidents, ambassadors, politicians, covering the entire sphere of business, religion, and politics.

The Roman Christian Church

The Roman Christian Church is the most decisive spiritual force in the history of Western civilization. It is one of the three major branches of Christianity along with Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism. Headed by the papacy, the Catholic Christian Leadership is the oldest continuing monarchy in the world.

With over 1.1 billion Roman Catholics in the world, this faith is greater than that of nearly all other religious traditions existing across the globe. There are more Catholics in the world today than all other Christians combined. 

Roman Catholics and Catholic leadership are indispensable components of cultural literacy. The Roman Catholic church has maintained an unbroken continuity since the days of the apostles while others have deviated from the path. 

Dr. Daniel Imperato
Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB 

Daniel Imperato is an undisputed torchbearer of the Catholic Leadership. For over 40 years he has acquired hands-on global experience concerning business, politics, and religion. His understanding of the world and its ways are beyond comparison.

Dr. Daniel Imperato presently is the chairman and CEO of Octobotic Corporation and the founding father of AliveAdvisor, a business advisory services company operating worldwide. He is fearless and was a US Presidential candidate in the year 2008.

International Awards & Honors

Dr. Daniel Imperato is the recipient of several awards and honors in this extensive career. He is a man of God and has built several connections with prominent persons across the world including the Pope.

Here is a shortlist of awards and honors bestowed on Dr. Daniel Imperato

  • Papal Knight - Vatican City State
  • Knight of Malta - Coptic Order, Grand Cross, Von Hapsburg, Austria & Alexandria Egypt
  • Grand Priorate, USA & Canada
  • Foreign Affairs Humanities - Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Knight & Friar Orden Bonaria, Madrid, Spain
  • Orden Bonaria, Argentina
  • Orden Bonaria, USA
  • Minister Common Treasury, Orden Bonaria
  • United Nations Representative, Orden Bonaria, NYC
  • Latin American Christian Association, NYC
  • African Center Foundation Board Member - NYC & Lagos
  • New York State Regional Police Chaplain, NYC
  • Licenced Real Estate Sales-Person
  • Former Licensed Mortgage Banker

 A Way to Success

Dr. Daniel Imperato was born to Italian and Lithuanian immigrants in Boston Massachusetts in 1958. Brought up in military-style, his family was humble, conservative, and hard working.

Dr. Daniel Imperato has internationally come a long way over time in the fields of business, politics, and religion, including Christian Leadership. His diverse mastery and extensive experience have catapulted him to where he stands today. 

With discernment coming from knowledge and experience Dr. Daniel Imperato is a worldly diplomat achiever. He is a pro se litigator (amicus) and humanitarian earning his degree in diplomacy, foreign affairs, and business from real hands-on global experience. 

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