Organic Wool Mattress Topper A Warm Element for Your Night

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on December 18th, 2015

Keeping your heater on, at full blast so you can be warm and toasty during bitter cold nights can be quite an expensive luxury. If you want to save on your electric, or oil bill, reduce your home's carbon footprint, and be comfortable without having to rely on your heater at night, here are some helpful tips you can try to add warmth in the air during particularly cold winter nights:

• Switch to larger-size beddings. Even when you only own a double bed, opt for a queen or a king size duvet or comforter so you can have ample covering when temperatures drop in the middle of the night. Extra duvet space means you and anyone you share a bed with can get warm and toasty through the night without the other complaining about an exposed back, the morning after.

• Choose flannel sheets. While flannel sheets are quite widespread, not many know about their comfort benefits, especially during colder months. Switching your regular sheets out for flannel spreads come the colder season is also a good way to stay warm in bed, as these sheets offer cozy alternatives to your thin spreads.

• How about some bed socks? While some people may consider wearing socks to bed a pet peeve, you might change your mind after experiencing their comfort especially when the temperature dips below zero. Wearing socks to bed will keep you warm enough to drift into sleep, undisturbed by the cold.

• Invest in an organic wool mattress topper. If you live in a particularly cold region, a mattress topper could be a worthwhile investment. Laying a mattress topper on top of your bed can help keep your sleeping surface warm as it cocoons you in an additional layer of soft and snug comfort. Choose an organic topper that you can place securely on top of the mattress and between other layers of your bedding, so it does not shift around with your movements. Organic wool is an excellent material choice as it has innate thermal properties to help keep you warm and cozy through the night.

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Dennis and Leora Hornick are the owners of the Organic Mattress Store Inc. They started this business in 2004 and within a few years it became a big brand store in Pennsylvania and the East Coast, all the way to California.

The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is a well-known organic mattress store in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They provide mattresses made up of Dunlop Latex, 100% certified organic cotton and pure wool. They are the market leaders in natural and organic mattresses. They have all big brands in their store like Green Sleep, Royal-Pedic, WJ-Southard, and Shepherds Dream for you to come in to try out.

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