Enjoy your holidays with your whole family at Egypt

Posted by rohny on December 18th, 2015

Enjoy your holidays with your whole  family at Egypt

Everyone needs a break from this stressful life and what better way is there than to take a vacation. Why not visit the magnificent Middle Eastern country Egypt hosting the only ancient wonder of the world as well as the tombs and a cruise across River Nile to the exciting night life. Let’s travel to Egypt because it is filled with ancient rich history from their pyramids to their tombs to their temples.

Egypt is a beautiful country in the Middle East, popular for their ancient history of massive pyramids and stunning temples. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations and every year tons of people visit this amazing place to get lost in its beauty and history.

This country has numerous places to visit and sightsee and tourist companies try their best to give you a tour of every spot. The Pyramids of Giza are the number one spot on everyone’s list. They are the seventh wonder of the world; they remain an enthralling mystery to this day which naturally attracts more people every year. Red Pyramid is the largest pyramid standing at 104 meters height.

The other most famous spot is the Great Sphinx of Giza which is west of River Nile in Cairo. It is a 20 meter statue of a lion with a head of a human. It is the biggest monolith monument in the world. Every night, screening is done which shows the ancient history of the sphinx and the great pyramids.

At the east of River Nile is the City of Luxor. It is the place where Thebes was which was the capital at the time of Pharaoh’s reign. Luxor is frequently described as the world’s best outdoor museum, however, that is an understatement to the beauty and grandiose of the monuments of Thebes. The place looks awe-inspiring with the modern city on the east while the ruins of Thebes on the west, with River Nile cutting through the two. We all know that Egypt is completely reliant on its rich history which has marked its place in the world resulting in its thriving tourism industry.

If you see the aerial view of Egypt, you will see that it is just a desert and it is sparingly populated. Most of the people are located around River Nile, being in Cairo and Alexandria. Cairo is heaven for a history buff and a delight for an architect. Even if you are not so thrilled about either, the rich history and mysterious necropolis is sure to keep you hooked throughout the tour. Egypt is also a heaven for a foodie, with their traditional Egyptian kababs and koftas, one can never have enough. However, if you cannot handle the heat, then there is always good old trusted continental cuisine to satisfy tourists’ taste buds.

One need not worry of accommodation in Egypt. From economy hotels to luxury class to top level resorts, Egypt family packages has something for everyone. The higher end hotels will cater to all your needs and provide you excellent services. From a bar, to a Jacuzzi to a gym to a pool, there is everything. These hotels will be in lavish cities like Luxor and Cairo. However, Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh will not let you down with their services and budget friendly rates. The most comfortable time to tour Egypt https://www.travel2egypt.org/ is from October till May, The temperature will be from 15 degrees to 26 degrees, with warm days and cool nights.  

Everyone should visit this beautiful place if they get a chance to do so. It is not an experience to be missed!

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