The Secret Ingredient That Creates The Sales

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

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The internet has become a huge mall with little ally ways and secret entrances all over the place. There are a huge amount of sales websites all vying for the same attention. Indeed a highly competitive market.

Marketing skills and writing have become more and more important to the marketing of your products and will become increasingly so as the internet increases in size.

Don't be under the illusion that now is to late, there are millionaires made every day and there will still be made twenty years from now.

Advertising your site and product is the small part of marketing, the secret ingredient is in the pitch, whether a landing page, opt in or sales page.

Funny enough it has been the same for as long as you possibly can remember, from the first radio commercials, print commercials up to the latest in HDTV, it has not changed, what has changed is the jargon, the language and the way people perceive the world around them on a daily basis.

The way you write your sales pitch, where you place which word, how long must it be, what do you say, how do you say it, what guarantees do you give, how good do you make it sound, what is the perceived value, what does the buyer get, why or why not ad bonus products, what about the price.

The buzzword niche has now been around for a while, and in most places you will be taught that to get good business you must find your niche. For most this is easier said than done, think about it while you walk the dog, it may help but it wont resolve the issue at hand.

Many new internet marketers make the same mistake, including me, when you start out, you want to sell everything to everyone, make millions of dollars and retire on the beach watching whatever you enjoy watching.

Many just throw in the towel after a while and that depends where they can push their patience to, others last a bit longer and as these leave new recruits eager to do the same join the party.

A vicious circle indeed and it seems that just a few at the top are making it. Many well known marketers are making it, but there are many more who remain quiet and anonymous that are raking in millions. It is up to you if you want to be well known or not, but use the right secret ingredient and you will be raking in the cash.

So for how long am I still going to be ranting on about the secret, or maybe it is my sales ploy, who knows?

Well lets let the cat out of the bag and not keep you in suspense any longer. You cant buy the secret ingredient. You are it. You just need to develop yourself using the right information.

What this means is that your product, book, sales letter or email needs to be unique to yourself. That is how your product will stand out from the rest. Just duplicating someone else's work might bring you some success but the real success lies in you. Like any game before you can get those tricky moves going you need to do the basics right. Learn the basics and the rest will follow.

Do not believe that you are not a writer. For some it is harder work than for others, but if you intend to be a successful internet marketer and have those vacations at the beach, every moment spent will be worth your while.

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