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Posted by Ballot boxindia on January 13th, 2016

Society is a combination of people and we all make a good or a bad society however when it comes to expecting we all wish that we should only get the goodness out of it which is not true. Since the time we get up till the time we sleep all we do is a crib and complain and feel about what we wish and what we are getting, however, none of us is ready to take a step forward and contribute something to do to make a chance happen. This is very much true in every sense and almost each one of us is counting the ever increasing problems but what matters is how many of us are taking a lead and ready to make change happen. It is a long time now that rather than keeping a hand on our hands we should step up and take a stand and start doing something or tomorrow would be too late for Sustainability in India. This way we can not only make this a better country but also a society which can add value to our life system and we can be happy about it.

The need is to think about the common issues and start working towards a solution for it and only then it will accrue meaning to society as well as individuals. Though there are many groups as well as institutions who have been working since years to make change happen irrespective of its size and impact but what matters is they are constantly trying and making efforts to make things happen. It is time that each one of us needs to join such initiatives as well as platforms where we can contribute to this revolution of social innovation. This institution offers the perfect opportunity to join the tribe of doers and make an impact to build a reputation. Remember there is nothing big or small, high or low but what is important that one needs to realise the need for change and taking an initiative. One can join this group of thinkers and doers who believe in the core value of the institution such as Analytics & research, Democratic values, Sustainability, Governance & Controls and then chart out a solution to a problem which can change lives as well as create an impact for good.

Once you have made up your mind and wish to indulge into this revolution of change all you need to do is join this institution of change and write or let them know about something which is not right. Once you do this draw a plan and seek help from the institution as well as include and involve the right talent who believe in action and doing something for the country and draw a plan and then together fix it and become a hero for your society, nation and initially for self. So, how about thinking about a green GPD in India and making it happen?

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