How much do you know about wood door?

Posted by aihw on June 28th, 2021

What is pvc wooden door

The wood door panel is made of high-quality raw materials using international advanced machinery through high-temperature and high-pressure vacuum blister, so that it has good sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, no cracking, easy cleaning, green environmental protection, no formaldehyde, no radiation and so on. The surface layer is covered with PVC wood grain leather, the wood grain is clear, natural and realistic. There are dozens of colors: mahogany, maple, teak, iron walnut, white ash, pure white, red cherry, red walnut, black walnut, etc., suitable for office buildings, schools and working-class household doors. This product requires no paint and is installed and used directly. Get rid of the dependence of traditional indoor doors on natural wood, greatly reducing the use of wood. In terms of shape, the steel-wood door is beautiful and elegant, fashionable, and artistic. The steel-wood door is suitable for various types of room styles, noble and elegant, and personalized design. Its advantages of the steel-wood door products are the achievements of many entrepreneurs.

The characteristics of pvc wooden door

Door leaf: It is made of imported 0.6mm thick high-quality composite steel plate through embossing and wooden inner ribs, filled with foam rubber and honeycomb sound insulation and thermal insulation material, and the finger jointed fir is used as the dragon skeleton. The side is edged by steel plate, and the pattern depth is 1.2cm deep three-dimensional sense can achieve the appearance effect of solid wood door, which is 30 yuan / set higher than the cost of 0.4MM steel plate. Deep embossing, European three-dimensional sense, and clear texture.

The solid core door frame adopts multi-layer board, which is not deformed or cracked, which is 25 yuan / set higher than the cost of the hollow core door frame. The ABS board is attached to the outside of the door frame, which is consistent with the color of the door leaf. The back is treated with waterproof tide, which is 15 yuan / set higher than the non-waterproof door frame. The door cover line is made of wood-plastic material similar to solid wood, which is mothproof, non-deformable, and has the same overall tone. Green and environmentally friendly, free of paint, free of formaldehyde, toluene, and no radiation. The door line is easy to install, no nail port, no pollution, and beautiful.

Fulitong’s MDF wooden door series are created based on unremitting efforts. It is the interiere wood door at room. Melamine wooden door all start from premium grade components. The surface of melamine wooden door is processed by the high temperature and high pressure technology, so the melamine wooden door also be called the ecological lacquered wooden door. The content of harmful gases such as formaldehyde in melamine wooden doors is unavailable after treated by high temperature and high pressure . So the melamine wooden door is widely recognized in the market with the high demands of modern people for their health and environmental protection.

The surface of wooden door is treated with melamine, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, strong impact resistance, fire prevention and moisture resistance. This not only avoids the defects of water-free foaming layer on the normal paint-free wooden door , but also avoids the defects of easy to scratch and poor resistance on the steel-wood door .

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