How to Find Creative Partnerships

Posted by Finley Dominguez on June 28th, 2021

If you are looking to create lasting professional relationships with creative partners, a strategic alliance can be the best way to approach the process. Creative Partners is an interdisciplinary, independent, full service advertising agency , with locations in Los Angeles and Stamford, CT. The company was founded in 1985 by two seasoned executives who recognized the importance of strategic alliances. These partnerships provide creative professionals with an invaluable resource through which they can work together to create meaningful client relationships that will produce long term results. Strategic alliances have proven to be an effective way to create creative connections and foster long term professional growth within the creative industry. In fact, nearly all of the major corporations in the United States have at least one creative partner. The most successful creative alliances occur when creative professionals work together on projects that benefit their client base. A creative partner is one whose vision and creativity are complementary to a client's. These relationships can bring long term professional benefits to both parties. The primary benefit of working with creative partners is that it fosters long term professional growth within the company and strengthens existing ties with existing creatives. In turn, it allows creatives to develop new relationships with potential clients and increase their exposure to different parts of the industry. Working as a team also provides creatives with the chance to test and implement their ideas and concepts. This hands-on approach to the creative process allows both sides to feel like they are making a positive impact on the company and its creative services. In order to build mutually beneficial relationships, a company needs to choose its creative partner carefully. The partnership should offer a variety of creative services in complementary fields. For instance, a digital marketing agency may want to partner with a creative firm that provides graphic design, online marketing and search engine optimization. The selection of a creative partner can have a major impact on the overall direction of the business, as any partnership that removes a key from the equation means less money for both companies. When considering a creative partner, it is important to understand what each specializes in. If a firm specializes in Internet marketing, it may not be the ideal choice for a boutique design firm that offers sewing services or logo design. Each firm will have their own specialties, but if they focus on one or two particular services, it can help to create more synergy between the two companies. In addition to offering complementary services, a creative firm may be able to offer their clients discounts on their products or have other promotional activities in place. A successful partnership begins with an eye towards the future. The first step to establishing a good relationship with a partner is to clearly define what the company is looking for and wants in order to grow its business. The second step is to communicate these goals to the creative partner so that they can develop creative strategies that will help grow a client's business. Once a creative firm and a client have established a vision for the future, it is much easier for them to collaborate to achieve those goals. This collaborative approach has helped many creative firms grow into a successful venture. When working with a creative partner, it is important to keep the client involved in the process. The goal is for the creative partner to have input in the firm's growth, but ultimately, it is the client who makes the final decisions. The creative team should be kept informed of the changes that are being made at all times to ensure that they are on track with the client's vision. When a creative partner leaves the company, it is important to provide them with a detailed list of the services they provided to the client and the results they achieved. Finding creative partners is only half the battle. The partnership must be compatible with the firm. Once a partner is signed on with a firm, they cannot and should not start doing things that do not support the future growth of the company. Additionally, the partners must feel like they are an integral part of the firm and that their opinion is truly valued. If these three requirements are met, then a successful venture can take place.

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