Top 5 Things for a Successful "Guy's Night Out"

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on July 1st, 2021

The big night is approaching, the night where you get to hang out with your friends. The problem is you aren't sure how to ensure this night goes well. The following are five essential things you need if you want this night to be a success.

1. Some Classy Cigars

If you want to plan a great night with the guys, you need the right tools, like cigars. There's nothing more manly than cigars. Something about them just feels right. You should probably do a little research to find the best high-quality cigars to purchase. Cigars should feel special, especially if you guys don't smoke often. One reason this is the perfect thing to have on a night out is that they give you a perfect excuse to take a break and talk to each other, especially since this activity takes time.

2. Alcohol is a Must

The next thing you must have for your big night out with the guys is alcohol. Now, this doesn't mean you should go out and buy whatever you can find. You need to make it special. For example, you can buy rare bourbon for this night. This will make the experience feel new and interesting. You want to make everyone feel like they matter, and giving them something rare makes the night feel important. You could also just make artisanal beer or alcohol; it takes a while and will make everyone feel special.

3. Bring the Cards

Every so often, there are moments during the night that feel a little dull. This may happen when you're waiting for something. The good thing is you can make these moments count by bringing along some playing cards. You can play many games with cards, and you can play them during those dull moments. You can even make them pretty interesting if you take bets. This doesn't have to involve money. They could just be things you guys want to bet on.

4. Snacking is Vital

With all the activities you've got planned with the guys, it's important to bring along some healthy and hearty snacks. You don't want to be out in the middle of nowhere and get hungry. This usually means you have to stop in some grocery store or gas station to get stuff to eat, and you know the stuff there isn't high quality. Be smart about this and bring your own snacks, like organic meat bars, which are becoming popular nowadays. The meat options include lamb, bison, wild hog, and beef, just to name a few. Your night will continue as planned if you keep a few of these or whatever else you think would be a good snack to have in your trunk.

5. Quick Cash Stash

The last thing you have to worry about is a stash of cash. Finding an ATM out in the middle of nowhere could get difficult. Plus, most places are closed during the night. Every so often, depending on what you guys end up doing, you need a little cash, and that's why you need this cash stash. Try to keep your stash in a secured place to make sure it's safe. Having this extra bit of cash should give you some peace of mind. You could ask your group of friends to contribute to the stash if you want to have a healthy amount of money in there. If you don't end up using it, you could just return it to everyone afterward.

These are some things you should have with you on your guy's night out. Hopefully, you can get all of these in time to make this a great night.

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