7 Tips for Choosing a Software Development Company

Posted by LouisWillis on July 4th, 2021


Keeping up to date is one of the obligations of companies these days. Those that don't can be seriously harmed by a market where a lot of things are automated and everyone is too used to using technology 24 hours a day. Having good software in your favor can make a business stand out from the competition.

We're not talking about building a software with an application for your customers, but creating one for your team's work, to be used internally.

All the factors for outsourcing explained over are actually likewise applicable to the solutions of outsourcing software. Since the IT industry is actually one of the leaders in activity delegation, there are actually particular explanations to consider this solution if you possess, operate, or work in a provider within this market.

For this, you can think of two alternatives: hire a specialized person to work internally or outsource the service to another company with several specialist professionals. The second option is undoubtedly the best for your business.

But 'how to choose this company'? What factors should be taken into account when closing the contract? Well, if you have these doubts, check out how to resolve them below!

How to choose a software development company?

1. Search for references

When it comes to services, asking for referrals from another company — as long as it's not your competitor — or friend is a good option.

In addition, search the internet, find out more about the company, if it already has any complaints on the Reclame Aqui website and if it has been resolved. Ask people on your social networks, make a post, maybe someone doesn't make a good referral.

2. Analyze the success stories

Successful cases are those companies that were served and that had an excellent result with the implementation of the software. The software company does not always put on the website what these cases are, but when there is, make an analysis of it.

Try to be judicious. See who the company was, read all the text and any other content on the subject on the website, then go to the social networks of this case and analyze the communication channels such as the website, blog and others. Investigate to see if it is in fact a success story.

3. Evaluate service and support

When it comes to providing service, service and support are two items that need to be taken very seriously.

Think about it, have you ever thought the software has a problem (no matter how good the supplier company, problems can happen) and not find anyone who can solve it? Depending on the sector, the company may stop and this is a risk you cannot take.

Therefore, from the first moment, pay attention to how each company is serviced. If they take and how long do they take to give a return, if they have available times to go to your company, among other factors that make all the difference in providing the service.

4. See if she can answer your questions

Before contacting a software development company to ask about the service, it's a good idea to have a list of questions you need to ask, especially if this conversation is over the phone or over the internet.

You can even add questions as you contact companies. Those who have more knowledge on the subject will be able to answer all their doubts without having to use difficult words or technical terms.

5. Talk to those who will work directly with your company

Typically, the software developer company assigns a team to work for their company. Well, you need to know very well which team this will be.

How many people will it be? What are they specialized in? How will this partnership be? Are they able to meet deadlines and do they have the knowledge to work with your niche? All of this needs to be taken into account.

6. Customization

It is essential that the company can develop software according to the company's needs. This will help your team to adapt more quickly to this new feature and also have faster results.

Therefore, sit down and talk to the team, show the needs that your company has at the moment and understand how it will be possible to have the desired solution. With customizable software all work will be more efficient.

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7. Find out which are the best on the market

When doing your research, understand: the most expensive is not the best, and the biggest company is not always the one that can offer the best solution.

Therefore, make a list with the software development companies that are considered a reference in the market and also those that were nominated. Don't forget to list the ones that offer the widest range of services. So, if needed in the future, you won't have to migrate from one company to another.

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