The quality of the inflatable water park must be done well

Posted by sere on July 15th, 2021

Recently, the large-scale inflatable water park in Cambodia has been successfully arrived in the local, and the equipment of Swiftech Amusement has opened the country and sells the country along the country.

After more than 10 years of construction,Swiftech Amusement, product users have nearly 100,000 products and services for the play industry. With the professional skills and unremitting efforts of staff, Leyuan has established a professional service system. At the same time, in product services, the industry experience is planned and integrated, providing a full-service information service network in the horizontal service range and longitudinal geographical coverage. In order to improve the product's core competitiveness, the company continues to increase the construction of R & D platform and the introduction of high-end talents, and improve product technology content. He has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with many colleges and universities, and has developed dozens of products and won the user's praise.

Swiftech play is in terms of quality, mainly from the production process inspection. From 30% of the conventional sampling rate to 60%. If you take a no qualified product from a percent. Start the comprehensive consideration of the full inspection product immediately. We take more stringent quality control for export products to strict quality.

Now, the water park produced by Swiftech Amusement has exported to 20 countries and regions such as Vietnam, India, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, South Africa. With the help of "all the way", Swiftech Amusement will strictly control the quality, go out of the country, and go to the world.

With the arrival of summer, especially in the evening, there are many people in the square area, especially many children, they are fighting for outdoor inflatable slides.

So, what is the magic of the outdoor inflatable slide to let the children like to play?

First of all, play outdoor inflation slides, not only let the child play slides above, but also let the children play rock climbing, let them fully exercise, because many children play together, this can help children know more players!

Second, there are many new style styles of the outdoor inflatable slide, with children's favorite shape or shape, such a child will be attracted by a good-looking inflatable slide, there will be more and more children to play.

In addition, people now attach great importance to children's physical and mental health. If the outdoor inflatable slide makes your child enjoy the opportunity to play and exercise, then parents will agree with their children to play!

Then, when the parents took the children in the community square, they saw that other children played in the slide outdoors, their children would definitely want to join in play. If you are interested in our products, please leave your contact information, we will contact you right away!

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