How does Lemon Law work?

Posted by Andrew Richardson on July 21st, 2021

There are several different aspects to the CA lemon law. But, the simple answer to the question is that the lemon law helps the new car buyers or buyers of used cars. The lemon law covers vehicles under the manufacturer warranty.

  • If the vehicle has been in the shop two or three times, depending on the defect.

  • If you have tried to repair the vehicle three or more times and the dealer cannot fix the issue, it is a lemon.

  • If the vehicle is in the shop for a total of 30 days or more, it's also a lemon.

The buyer gets the money for the car back along with the attorney fees if a vehicle is determined as a lemon. In some cases, the buyer may have to file a lawsuit.

What is lemon law?

The lemon law in California applies in almost every state and varies from state to state. This law requires the manufacturer to label the car as a lemon car if a defect cannot be fixed. The lemon law CA is a federal law, and so it applies in almost every state. This law protects car buyers from getting stuck with defective cars. The car should be under the manufacturer's warranty to get the benefit of the lemon law.

If the dealer sold me a lemon, what can I do?

In this case, the buyer can call a lemon law California specialist or attorney to refund the buyer's payments. Everything that the buyer paid as a down payment, monthly, any repair payment shall be refunded by the seller. It is important to keep the invoices of the payments done.

If the used car dealer sells you a lemon, what can you do?

Most of the time, lemons are applicable for new cars. However, if it is a used car and is still under the manufacturer's defect, it can be considered a lemon. Many people think that their car is a lemon because of the junk and doesn't work properly. This reason may be true at times but not always. The term Lemon refers to the defects made by the manufacturer. So, lawyers, in this case, will look into the issue. They will figure out whether it is a lemon or there is some other issue.

Is driving a lemon car dangerous?

Yes! Driving a lemon car may mean that there is some malfunction or some defect. This defect could affect the brakes, steering, or any real serious problem. This serious problem could cause the car to shut off while driving, veer off the road, car flip over, and many more serious issues.

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