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Posted by Eusebio Bravery on April 4th, 2016

Every man fantasize about having nice beard. Though having grown beard is not considered part of sincerity and manners of dressing yet no one can deny the fact that there is nothing more magnificent than a bushy dense beard. A thick grown beard with mustache over it truly gives a manliness personna which everyone can't have or we must say everyone is not able to grow. A good beard calls attention to itself being most attractive part in the personality of any man but in the same category there are several men too who don't like growing beard.  Over the whether it is personal choice or workplace discipline, it is rare that a man is pleased with his shave. The standards of dress and grooming requires allot of patience specially for men. No matter from where they learn to shave from their father or online teaching aids a perfect shave has now left in fine art which only few can achieve.  Well, the every morning regime can't be skipped just because of imperfection but here you can find some changes and things to keep in mind while following the regime and say good bye to poky stubbles.

Most of you might be knowing the things mentioned but all it requires is right methods to use the products. Even though if you are using the finest sharp edged blade a good shaving always requires a preparation before it. Your skin is sensitive and rough at the same time hence always apply some oils to moisten your face and soften facial hair. If you don't want to use oil you can use hot water soaked towels for the same effect. Make sure the process doesn't end in few seconds therefore, be patient and spend few minutes for the regime. The pre shave moistening to the skin reduces half work of the blades no matter even of the finest blades like Kai razor blades and gives you wow feeling.  

These days most men prefer the dry shaving method with reduced and improved results by electronic shavers but wet shaving has several benefits over it. In the art of shaving applying shaving cream and generating rich lather is the vital part of whole process. You can pick any shaving cream according to your skin needs to be followed up by good shaving brush. The softening process should continue for more than couple of minutes until the pores are exfoliated and smoothens hair shaft.

And here now you hair are ready to get shaved. Before you start shaving always blades by dipping in hot water for a minute. Post cleaning pull the skin tight and shave in the direction of hair growth but all hair doesn't grow in same direction hence reapply shaving cream for another stroke in different direction. Lastly, post to shaving wash your skin with cold water to close pores and moisten the face again with some good after shave cream, oil or balm. A classic shaving not only reduces cost but it also environment friendly and gives more consistent shaves.

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