Walls which speak louder than words - Top wall decor ideas

Posted by Edward on April 5th, 2016

Walls add character to a room or a house. They are the most important aspect of any house that seeks immediate attention of the onlooker and create a sense of familiarity for the insider. It is therefore important to embellish the walls in the correct manner. Here are a few wall décor ideas by employing tiles that would indeed add a unique dimension to your home. We are suggesting because they are available in a lot of variety, easily available and are easy to maintain and high on experimentation.

  •          Interplay of tiles: Wall tiles arranged in unique patterns speak a different language altogether. If you don’t want to have tiles all over wall, it is a good idea to craft a unique pattern employing tiles on the walls. Go for vintage ceramic or porcelain tiles for the rooms.
  •          Reflective tiles: This is a unique way to adorn the bathroom walls. Reflective tiles make the bathroom look bigger and not just this, these bathroom tiles work with all colours. Turquoise, aqua, sea green are the colours that work best for bathroom wall tiles. They are edgy and unique, something that would set your walls apart from the usual wall tiles that you normally see.
  •          Digital tiles: They are an absolute favourite. In fact, these tiles have replaced a lot of wall paint in today’s time when people are getting more and more creative with wall décor. These tiles also come in unique patterns and borders to make them catchier. The best part however, is the freedom to design your own tiles. You could easily get your designs engraved on your wall tiles. Sounds fun, isn’t it?
  •          Contrast: While we are all for experimenting and letting lose all creativity, we would suggest to have contrast between floor tiles and wall tiles to maintain he aesthetic appeal of the home or the room in general. Also, make sure to take into account the room accessories as they should complement the wall tiles as much as possible.


  •          Variety is the spice of life: We absolutely live by this principle and this reflects in our tile choices. You have a range of options available. Tile manufacturers are unleashing the advancement in form of the many options they have to offer. Have a blend of various tile types in your room. Porcelain tiles, glass tiles, natural stone tiles should all form a part of your home. A careful interplay between styles adds a unique element to the décor. This is even truer in case of wall tiles because they are the centre of attraction.
  •          Mosaic and metal tiles: More on the expensive side, these tiles have a special character that compliments the wall décor perfectly. Go for soothing colours as they reflect an unparalleled radiance on the room.
  •          Maintenance: No matter how good a tile type you choose for your walls, it will all be a waste if you don’t take care of the maintenance. Wall tiles are easier to maintain so make sure to never put off the daily cleaning regime.

Home décor doesn’t just end once you decide the colour you need to don your walls with. There’s much more to it than what meets the eye. Always remember – don’t go overboard and keep it simple.

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