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Posted by ThompsonGas on April 13th, 2016

A single electric heater in the US can cost you about 0 per month to use. Now multiply that with the number of electric heaters you have at home and you might be shocked at the figure. If you want to save money without freezing during the winter, opt for propane solution in USA. According to USA Department of Energy, the use of propane for heating water can save you about 30% annually. When it comes to reheating a tank of water, propane systems take a third of the time, it takes an electric heater to do the same job.

Residences can take a cue from schools and commercial establishments that are switching to propane solution in USA. Here are some advantages to using propane for heating your home:

  • According to studies, the USA produces 90% of the propane used in the country. Switching to propane can help reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil.

  • A propane heating system is warmer by 20 degrees when compared to electric heat pumps.

  • With a propane heating solution, you never have to worry about blackouts and power failures. Even in bad weather conditions, propane can be used to heat up your home as well as to cook your food.

  • You can save a lot on money when you opt for propane heating. It is even cheaper than using wood and a fireplace.
  • You can easily find propane suppliers in USA. The best suppliers are family owned and operated. They offer the highest quality of service, as keeping their clients loyal is important to them.

  • Aside from saving money, you are also helping save the planet when you switch to propane. It creates less pollution, unlike power plants that supply electricity. Since propane is insoluble, there is no risk to ground water supplies as well as soil.

  • Home heating propane is very efficient. It takes less time for the system to warm up your home as opposed to using electric heaters.

  • Maintenance is quite simple. It can take around 20 years before a propane furnace gives out while electric heat pumps only last about 14 years. Repairs for propane furnaces are also considerably compared to electric heaters.

Opt for an all-in-one service provider to make your life even easier. Some suppliers can do more than deliver your needed LPG supply; they can also offer installation or conversion of your heating system. The best suppliers are even on duty 24/7 in the case of any emergency.

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