How Do I Ship Household Goods Internationally?

Posted by Keelie on September 17th, 2021

Are you gearing up for an international move? There is so much that goes into making a move like this. It is exhilarating to enter a new journey and living location, but it is also a time full of anxiety. This article will touch base on many things you need to know to ship household goods internationally. 

Can I Hire Someone To Move My Household Items?

You have the choice to hire someone to help pack your home, or you can do it on your own. It is a little bit of a detailed process to ship household goods internationally. You will need to get the information you need about what is allowed and what isn’t before packing. Specific documentation of ownership is also required for some items. 

When you hire a company to help you make this transition, it can help you to avoid mistakes. The last thing you want is to get to customs and have a significant problem. Someone who has experience in international moving is going to be a great asset to your process. 

Do They Travel By Airplane or Boat?

Depending on the company that you use to move your items, it can be done either way. The most common, and usually more financially affordable, is to have it transported by boat. It is all loaded into a container to be moved. 

The container is delivered to your home for either you or the movers to pack. Once it is completely packed, they will pick it up. It is then delivered to the boat that is transporting it. 

Is It Expensive To Ship Household Goods Internationally?

The cost of having your belongings transported to an overseas location can vary depending on the company that you use. It will also depend on how many personal household items you have to be moved. On average, you are looking at a cost of around ,000 up to ,000 to have them transported by sea. 

This may sound like a crazy cost to you, but air transportation will cost a lot more money than that. The plus to air transportation is that it does not take as long to get your items to your new location. That is why your items typically leave sooner than you do. 

How Long Does It Take To Ship Items By Sea?

No one wants to be in a new location and not have their personal belongings for a long time. That is why the timing is so important to nail down before you make your move. A shipping company can help you to make this be an easy transition. 

If you are shipping your household items by sea, you can expect it to take upwards of 6 weeks to get to the new destination. That is a long time, but it saves you a lot of money to do it this way. Air travel, all in all, is around a week and a half to 2 weeks to get your belongings. Although, many people do not feel it is worth the cost difference to air ship their items.

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