Low Interest Credit Cards - Shopping For the Best Available

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Low interest credit cards are essential tools for the frequent credit card user. Because many people cannot pay off their credit cards entirely when the bill arrives each month, enrolling in a low interest rate credit card program can help you keep your interest rate fees to a minimum. There are a variety of highly feasibly strategies available for shoppers that are in the market for low interest credit cards.


Before you begin shopping for the best available low interest credit card, it is important to understand how rates are set. You probably know that all people wishing to obtain any sort of credit in the U.S. must go through a "credit check." A credit check is essentially a survey of your past credit transactions that will help to determine the degree of liability that a credit card company may have to assume if you are going to be a client. Because there are so many credit card users representing a variety of backgrounds, individuals are assigned a unique "credit score." In general, the higher your score is, the better chance you have of obtaining a low interest credit card.

Balance Transfer

While no credit card company can readily offer an interest-free card (at least for the long-term), you may be able to frequently transfer your credit card balance to a company that offers so-called "cheap credit cards." Cheap credit cards are, essentially, credit cards that offer a limited-time-only promotion whereby individuals that enroll to receive a special low interest credit card will benefit from a 0% interest for a pre-determined amount of time. Buyers: beware. Often, when a company offers a 0% introductory rate, they make up for the generosity by drastically increasing the rate once the trial period has expired. For this reason, many individuals that use these cheap credit cards frequently migrate their balances from one low interest credit card provider to the next.

Be a Long-term Client

While migrating your balance from one company offering cheap credit cards to the next may seem like a strategic move, the frequent moving actually has a negative long-term effect on your credit score. Each time you open and close a credit card account, your credit score is threatened. The more you open and close the less stable you will appear. Therefore, your credit score will necessarily be lowered. However, there is hope for long-term clients wishing to obtain a low interest credit card. No matter how low or high your interest rate is when you initially enroll in a program, if you can establish a strong history with a credit card company, you will be in a good position to negotiate a low interest rate.

Shop Around

It may seem intuitive, but many credit card users neglect to shop around for the best rates. Instead, they sign up with whichever low interest credit card company that offers an appealing rate on the direct mail campaign. However, with a little research, you will likely find that there is a huge disparity between the rates that various credit card companies are prepared to offer. Also, if you are a member of any professional organization, you may qualify for an additional discount on the interest rate. Do your research; you will find that education will be your finest asset when selecting a low interest rate credit card.

Everyone wants to shop using a low interest credit card. No matter how affluent you are, many people bulk at the idea of paying high interest rates month after month. Regardless of your existing credit score, if you combine strategy and research, you can certainly find a slew of low interest credit cards that will make your purchasing experience much more pleasurable. Remember: cheap credit cards not only soothe any shopper's conscious, but they allow shoppers to retain some extra cash that they can put towards more important purchases.

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