10 Quick Tips to Prepare for Engraving

Posted by maria vidal on September 27th, 2021

The engraving seems to be an easy-to-go process but it involves a series of different steps. The engraving process is so precise that every aspect must be carefully analyzed. Conditions like material, heat sensitivity, and fragility of the product must be considered before starting the process.

So, here are a few quick tips that can be used before engraving;


  1. Measure the available space you have on your product. A laser engraver can only work on plain and straight surfaces of laser engraving painted metal. Thus, having a flat space on your product can get better results.
  1. You must research the new trends and styles which are currently popular. Try to generate your own unique and creative ideas. Use new fonts, symbols, and ideas to create something new.
  1. Once you are done with the plans, request a price quote from the engraving service. Share the dimensions of your design and your product to get a better idea about the charges.
  1. It is important to offer sufficient time to the engraver for completing your project. Engravings done in less time tend to be less precise and undetailed.
  1. It is always advised that the client must share all the vital details about the product and the engraving. The client must also share virtual designs of the engraving to be made.
  1. In case you do not have a designer, you can hire a part-time designer for a single project. Several engraving services also offer assistance from designers to their clients.
  1. If there are words included in the engraving designs, the spelling must be checked twice, or even thrice to avoid any mistakes in the final product.
  1. Adding Specific pictures to the engraving design can create a different impact on the customers. These pictures must compliment your branding.
  1. Don\\\'t try to push any step to complete the process faster. Larger laser engravings made within a short period can ruin the design, and can also damage your product.
  1.  At last, never skip any step of the process as skipping even a single step can bring in drastic changes in the final results, which will not be up to the mark.

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