The Causes of Pessimism in Drug Addicts.

Posted by Trust care on September 28th, 2021

On many occasions there are no worse judges than us. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune has witnessed many of their patients thinking in a wrong direction where they lose hope very often and thus push themselves hard or just lay back dwelling with the personality problems. Thus, the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune now has come together and are releasing the signs of factors which create a certain issue. Bringing all the facts together the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune has mentioned all the details below.


One of the big problems we experience in our daily life is that we demand too much of ourselves. This is not to say that you become conformist people. Nothing like that. But be realistic and don’t want to get almost unattainable things in short periods of time. The best thing is to take things with calm, realism and illusion. If something goes wrong, nothing happens. We can try again. So don’t get overwhelmed at the first change.


These thoughts are, on certain occasions, related to what we commented previously. When something goes wrong we tend to punish and even insult ourselves. We consider that we are people who are worthless, who do not have sufficient capacity… In short, we underestimate ourselves. These thoughts must be removed from our mind as soon as possible. If we do not believe in ourselves, then who will?


Some people are prone to turn everything into a real drama. There are things that really require worry or sadness, but there are others that don’t matter as much as we think. Things have to be given the dimension they have because otherwise we will never manage to be calm. Problems tend to be almost permanent, if not one is the other? If everyone seems like a drama, we will never find happiness. So, you know, don’t exaggerate things too much.


Another negative thought par excellence is the feeling of guilt. There are people who, whatever happens, always think it’s their fault. And it’s not like that at all. It is true that sometimes we are the cause of certain problems or situations but there are others that are beyond our control. It is necessary to see things with perspective, with a little objectivity even. In this way, we will be able to identify the moments when we should ask for forgiveness and the moments when we should not.


There are certain people who believe they have the gift of mind reading. When they meet new people or even those they trust. “They don’t like me”, “they don’t want to be my friends”… does that ring a bell? We must keep in mind that we are not fortune tellers and we cannot constantly know what people think about us. We can deduce it from their behavior or words, but if they don’t say anything flashy, why do we think they don’t want to be with us? These ideas are most likely just in our heads. Besides, if we go with this thought, it is more likely that relating to others will be more difficult. You know, don’t get ahead of yourself.


Finally, let us deal with one of the most common problems in human minds. The fact of not believing that we are capable of getting what we want. We tend to underestimate ourselves, to think that we are useless and that situations will end up overcoming us. As we have told you on many occasions, if someone has to believe in you, you are yourself. If you don’t, you won’t achieve your goals.




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