Telemedicine and the Health Industry Revolution

Posted by Consagous Technologies on October 7th, 2021

The world might gradually be opening up in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, but a number of restrictions still remain. Apart from the restrictions, the palpable fear of acquiring the coronavirus itself is reason enough for a large number of people to stay put in their homes and not go out.

This fear is more visible in people who are already suffering from some or the other chronic illness and ailment, thereby avoiding their scheduled visits to doctors and hospitals. Interestingly, their treatments are still continuing as usual, without too much risk.

Apps and telemedicine app development services are the biggest reason for such smooth treatment processes.

With social distancing and the constant presence of masks becoming the new normal, telemedicine is efficiently fulfilling the discrepancies by providing effective communication and support for every kind of mental and physical needs of health.

Telehealth and Telemedicine: The Difference

Whenever there\'s something to read about digital healthcare services, the terms telehealth and telemedicine are used in place of each other quite a number of times. However, one is quite different from the other.

Telehealth refers to a narrow concept as compared to telemedicine, that involves the use of digital technologies to provide clinical services, both online and offline for offering online diagnosis and training purposes. Video conferencing and streaming are vital aspects of telehealth.

Telemedicine on the other hand, is a wider concept, that refers to the use of technologies for clinical services like attending virtual appointments with the physicians or monitoring patient health from remote locations.

How Telemedicine Has Revolutionized the Healthcare Sector

In these troubled times, telemedicine has arrived as a blessing in disguise as these apps have the capability of allowing medical professionals to handle more patients. When everyone is looking to cut down costs but ensure consistent delivery of healthcare services among rising demand, telemedicine is all set for the long haul.

Here are some incredibly important ways through which telemedicine has changed the healthcare sector forever-

1- Higher Efficiency and Better Accessibility

Cutting-edge telemedicine app development solutions have made it easier for physicians to deliver their services, consults, and medical information to patients residing in various locations across the globe.

It is now a lot more convenient for people of remote areas to get access to better healthcare services in the comfort of their homes, where they can stay safe and ensure proper treatment as well. To add to it, even the patients who have been discharged from the hospital after getting treated receive regular health follow-ups.

In short, no need to travel miles for a simple visit to the healthcare providers but absolutely efficient service.

2- Patients Render Better Outputs

With the coronavirus pandemic, patients have time and again demonstrated higher desires of contacting their healthcare providers through virtual methods. The sheer convenience brings a drastic reduction to reasons like inconvenience, lack of time, and even fear in some cases.

Telemedicine flings away all these excuses and as a result, patient outcomes and care show a significant level of improvement. From working patients to homemakers, everyone can connect regularly with their doctors without any fear.

Achieving better health goals is then a collaborative process between a doctor and patient through telemedicine.

3- New Avenues for Income and Reduced Burnout

Given how rushed doctors and physicians were throughout the global lockdown, they got to spend very little time with their families. Moreover, those long hours at the hospital did little to sort this issue out.

Such an intense job used to take a toll on the physical and emotional aspects of doctors, leading to burnout. Telemedicine has helped countless such medical professionals to repair the burnout damage and take care of their patients even from a remote location.

Patients too, are increasingly finding it much better to interact with their doctors virtually, bringing them a lot of increased appreciation as well. For the doctors, it is now possible to take care of an increased number of patients, which translates into more revenue for them. Add this to their clinic visiting patients, and telemedicine gives them a whole new stream of income.

4- Data Exchange is Now Increasingly Efficient

Managing the immense amount of patient data has always been one of the biggest factors in the medical domain. Security and privacy of doctor-patient interaction and information of patients like their medical history and treatment progress is of utmost importance.

All this data is collected and constantly evaluated for making better-informed decisions regarding patient health and treatment. With telemedicine apps, data is now more secure than ever.

Through quality telemedicine app development solutions, both the doctors and patients get an impeccable view of the collected data and its sharing, making it supremely easy to come up with innovative healthcare ideas with access to in-depth information.

5- Bringing the Healthcare Costs Down

With telemedicine, costs have become controllable to a significant extent, making it more economical for the patients. Telemedicine has facilitated many patients to take care of their chronic problems right from their homes, which has drastically cut down the treatment costs of clinics and hospitals and has made operations more efficient.

For patients, it is a highly attractive prospect to receive great care at their homes.


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