Why Ecomass Is So Popular In Modern Industries?

Posted by Michael Luis on November 18th, 2021

The performance demand of modern industries has pushed the limit of conventional materials to their limit. As a result, most materials are failing to withstand these performance metrics. Thus, engineers have developed new materials that can withstand the extreme performance demand of modern industries.

Ecomass is one such innovative material, which delivers high performance in extreme engineering. For this reason, this thermoplastic composite material is becoming the number one favorite material of different industries. Let’s learn some of the capabilities of this material and why many industries adore it so much.

Abilities of Ecomass

•    Ecomass is a high-density material and it is a good replacement for lead.
•    Due to low production costs, the MOQ of Ecomass is low.
•    Ecomass can be molded into any shape very easily.
•    Ecomass is non-toxic and causes no damage to the environment.
•    Ecomass can stop high-energy radiation.

High Density

The high-density properties of Ecomass are good for balancing applications. For this reason, many industries are using it as a replacement for lead. It can also absorb vibration waves very easily. Therefore, many heavy industries are using it as a shock absorber.

Low Production Cost

Ecomass is a thermoplastic material. The price of this material is very low and you can use it for mass manufacturing. Due to this economical aspect, it has become the favorite choice of many industries. These days, many OEMs are using Ecomass for various automobile parts.

Any Shape

By putting this material in a mold, you can easily get any shape. For this reason, complex parts are now possible with this material. Ecomass has taken material engineering to another dimension. Thanks to its versatile properties, different industries can now make complicated machine parts.


Heavy metals like lead are not good for the environment. Most ammunition tips were made from lead, which is used to increase toxicity levels in the groundwater of the firing range. For this reason, many military divisions have replaced conventional ammunition tips with Ecomass, which doesn’t pollute groundwater anymore.

Radiation Blockage

High energy radiation is often used in hospitals for cancer treatment. This level of radiation can be dangerous for health workers. For this reason, they have to wear protective shields at the time of working around the radioactive area. Conventional radiation shields are made from lead, which can be heavy and cause exhaustion to health workers. Radiation shield made from Ecomass is light in weight and it is very comfortable to work with wearing it.

For a long time, lead is being used in different industries. Unfortunately, this metal is expensive and not good for the environment. Currently, Ecomass has replaced lead in many industries. Believe it or not, it is one of the best High density materials cost-wise.

You can buy Ecomass, at the one-tenth price of lead. At the same time, it does not have any toxic properties like lead. For this reason, Ecomass has become so popular in most industries. This material has already pushed the boundaries of modern industries.


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