8 Tips for Donating Children’s Clothes and Toys

Posted by sanjeev rai on January 4th, 2022


We all know how quickly young children grow out of their clothes. Before you know it, the brand new winter coat you bought a few months ago barely fits! Most parents look to donate used children’s clothes and toys to reduce the clutter at home.

However, the clothes being donated can sometimes be too worn out or inappropriate for reuse and often get discarded. It is important to be mindful when donating preloved children’s clothes and toys and select options that can still serve a purpose.

Here are 8 tips for donating children’s clothes and toys. 

  1. Be Mindful of What You Donate: As a rule, if you wouldn’t use it because of the condition it’s in, don’t donate it. Making a donation is not just about clearing out the excess from your home but to provide for those that are less fortunate. 

  2. Fix or Repair Before Donation: If you have old coats of jumpers that have a few buttons missing or a small tear, then make the simple repairs before you donate. 

  3. Check Quality: Thoroughly check the condition and quality of your preloved clothes and toys before making a donation. If anything is too worn out or torn then bin it as it won\'t be useful for anyone else.

  4. Make Sure Items Are Appropriate: Consider the situation of the child who will receive your donation. Does the shirt have inappropriate slogans or pictures? Does the print reference something the child does not have like parents? Overly political or religious slogans and shirts with inappropriate prints often get binned. 

  5. Check with Your Local Charity: It helps to contact the charity you are considering to find out if they have any guidelines for accepting used children’s toys and clothes. If your donation does not meet the guidelines it will be a waste of time and materials. 

  6. Take Advantage of Sales: If you buy children’s items in surplus at a sale, you could donate brand new items that will be very helpful for those in need. 

  7. Pair Matching Items: Donating themed bundles and matching pairs of underwear, socks, winter wear and pairs of stuffed toys is always good. Single items like one shoe or sock often get binned. 

  8. Involve Your Kids: Involving your children in the process teaches them the importance of giving back and shows them how to use their toys and clothes responsibly. 


You can donate kids\' clothes online at The Share Bear. We have excellent donation partners and can facilitate your contribution towards a greater cause. Alternatively, if you would like us to donate the proceeds from your sales to a charity, we can help! We encourage parents to recycle kids\' clothes and toys as much as possible.


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