12 Ways to Save Money on Cheap Kids’ Clothes

Posted by sanjeev rai on January 19th, 2022

Shopping for kids can be an extremely costly affair. Children quickly outgrow clothes or tend to damage them while playing. With the entire world focusing on managing waste, there has been a growth in the buying and resale of used kid’s clothes and toys that greatly benefits parents who are on a budget but still want to give their kid’s an exciting and complete wardrobe. 

Here are 12 ways through which you can save money while shopping for children’s clothes today. 

  1. Shop the Sales: Many stores have regular sales. You can do some research to find out when the sales are on and get great deals. 

  2. Accept Hand me Downs: With children outgrowing clothes faster than we can keep up, most hand me down items are surprisingly in great condition. Always donate kid’s clothes online or give them to a friend or family member who can use it. It can go a long way in helping struggling parents. 

  3. Thrift Stores Are Your Friend: With large communities actively selling used kid’s clothes instead of throwing them away, thrift stores are an excellent place to find what you are looking for at great prices. 

  4. Shop the Used Section: Most stores often have a used section that has a variety of good quality options at throw-away prices.

  5. Maintain Your Kid’s Clothes: It helps to learn simple skills like sewing to fix or repurpose your used kid’s clothes so that they can be used for longer. A great example of a good repurpose is to convert pants to shorts. 

  6. Buy out of Season: This is a great way to get clothes cheap when compared to buying in season. 

  7. Store Clothes for Hand-me-downs: Properly maintaining and storing your old kid’s clothes will help you save money on buying new clothes for your younger child when he or she needs them.  

  8. Buy Gender Neutral: This is a great way to save on buying new clothes for your second or third child.

  9. Shop at Discount Stores: Discount stores have great deals as they sell kid’s clothes cheap.

  10. Join Parent’s Groups: Finding other like-minded parents who would rather recycle kids’ clothes than throw them away can be extremely helpful for finding great deals and donations. 

  11. Buy Single Items vs Outfits: Clothing stores often try to sell you more by showcasing complete outfits. Buy only the pieces you need at the time. 

  12. Find an Online Community Like The Share Bear: The Share Bear has a thriving online community that buys and sells preloved children’s clothes and toys. It is the best place to sell your used children’s clothes and has great options for parents looking to buy used kid’s clothes and toys. 


We feel the best solution to this problem is to buy preloved children’s clothesor to smartly recycle your kid’s old clothes and repurpose them.

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