Health Benefits of Vitamin D 1000 IU Tablets

Posted by HealthyPlanet on May 10th, 2016

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin as the body produces vitamin D3 with mild sun exposure. Doctors call it a prohormone because the body produces it on its own. The body is not able to synthesize other vitamins by itself making vitamin D unique and more in the nature of a hormone. Mild sun exposure of 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week is enough to produce ample amount of vitamin D for the body. However, not many people know that the vitamin thus produced has a life span of only two weeks. This short lifespan means that people should go out in direct sunlight more often for betterment of their health.

However, not many people are able to get the necessary amount of sunlight. Also, people with skin conditions may find it difficult to stay in the sun. For such people, the only solution is vitamin D tablets. One option to choose is vitamin D 1000 IU tablets. However, it is highly recommended that people consult their doctors before buying vitamin D 1000 IU tablets online so they do not suffer from any side effects from erroneous self-diagnosis.

Let’s look at some of the numerous health benefits of vitamin D 1000 IU tablets:

  • Healthy Bones and Teeth: Vitamin D is responsible for regulation and absorption of calcium and it maintains phosphorus levels in bones. These two are important factors for bone health. Without vitamin D, people cannot absorb calcium from their food and it will be excreted through the kidneys. In addition, vitamin D deficiency can cause Rickets in children and Osteoporosis in adults. In Rickets, the bones become soft and lose their shape where in Osteoporosis bone density is lowered and leads to increased chances of fracture in addition to severe pain in joints. These problems can be prevented with vitamin D tablets.
  • Decreased Risk of Flu: Vitamin D regulates the influenza virus, and people taking the vitamin D tablets will have a lower risk of flu and related illnesses.


  • Prevents Diabetes: Having insufficient vitamin D levels can affect insulin secretion and glucose tolerance. According to a study, children who received vitamin D iu had 88% lower risk of having Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Vitamin D helps the body to secrete ample amount of insulin to tolerate glucose consumption.


  • Prevents Cancer: Vitamin D is highly important for cellular growth and cell-to-cell communication. Calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, slows down the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue. It has effects on more than 200 human genes.


  • Safe Pregnancy: Pregnant women who lack vitamin D are more likely at risk of preeclampsia and having a caesarean delivery. Poor vitamin D levels are connected with high risk of Bacterial Vaginosis in pregnant women. Also, infants having moms with too high levels of vitamin D suffer more from food allergies in the first two years of their lives.

Though vitamin D has numerous benefits, effects of its deficiency is also not less. Having good levels of vitamin D can make you strong and healthy while poor levels will expose you to several risks.

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