Choosing The Suitable STD Testing in Singapore

Posted by ElyonClinic on May 10th, 2016

STD diseases receive lots of attention in our society, and as a result, more and more individuals are concerned about them. However, as the wide variety of diseases out the STD diseases, misinformation is rife, and it can be deeply unsure of what you require to do to protect yourself. This article will demonstrate the types of STD testing Singapore to seek is wholly dependent upon what disease you contract, so it pays to be as educated as possible about the subject of STD types.

The most common STD call Chlamydia that which infect both genders in Singapore. Chlamydia is one of the most problematic STD disease, and according to the Center for Disease Control, also one of the most prevalent. Because of patients with Chlamydia have no symptoms, with up to 50% of infected males and80% of infected females being unware and delaying diagnosis.  This disease can lead to many many symptoms. The most important one of the disease are a high fever as well as a characteristic discharge from the penis or vagina; most people do not seek STD testing Singapore until these overt symptoms occur.

This is the main reason for makeing chlamydia so problematic. According to the authorized report, chlamydia has the potential to be non-symptomatic, so it's totally possible to be infected and capable of spreading the disease to others, without ever realizing it. It can explain that why it's important to get regular tests and check-ups, especially if you are sexually active with multiple partners. That said, if you do have chlamydia, it's important to act quickly in order to avoid permanent damage to your reproductive system. The best course of action is to seek STD Testing Singapore by antibiotics; the earlier you detect the infection, the better the outcome will be.

Gonorrhoea is another troublesome STD disease which should be early detected by STD testing Singapore in order to get the best possible prognosis. It is because you can be infected for a while before symptoms emerge. It's always meaningful to have regular screenings if your sex life puts you at risk for infection. Once symptoms do emerge, the most obvious is a discharge from the sexual organs. The bacterial nature of the disease has the potential to spread infection to other parts of your body, which in some cases can make the disease more difficult to treat or life-threatening. It's significant to detect gonorrhoea as early as possible and get treatment as soon as you can.

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