Harness the Play-to-Earn Gaming ecosystem with An Axie Infinity Clone

Posted by Angeline on February 1st, 2022

Fun and thrill drove the adulation for gaming several decades ago. Blockchain technology proved to be an added feather in the gaming industry\'s cap with the advent of play-to-earn gaming platforms like Axie infinity, Zed Run, etc. However, since the early-2010s, online gamers have been leveraging monetization opportunities with gaming platforms.

Not just that, take the open-source platform like Axie infinity clone (for instance), which presents a viable business model (as well). How, though? Let’s get into it.

Axie Infinity Clone - An Overview

Axie infinity clone is an off-the-shelf solution that replicates the original. It has all of Axis Infinity\'s unique features and functions. The clone script has a customizable option that allows you to tailor it to your own business needs.

Axie Infinity is a virtual gaming platform that witnesses nearly 2million+ daily active users. Despite the difficulties involved in playing the game, which includes setting up a crypto wallet, purchasing ether, and then paying more ether to purchase the AXS token (Game’s native token) required to play, the game has been a huge success. 

Incentivizing Can Drive Traction

The decade-old online games used to drive users based on attention-driving strategies. Most game developers use psychological tricks to hold users (players) in the long run. However, with the advent of the play-to-earn concept, gaming platform owners could harness its true potential to incentivize players.

You needn\'t worry, as you can launch an NFT Gaming platform like Axie infinity within a few weeks; what\'s more important - is ensuring the uniqueness of your gaming platform to sustain (for a long time).

Is an Axie Infinity clone a viable option?

Entrepreneurship decisions can make or break your business career. Amidst the ever-evolving NFT clouds, setting afoot in the gaming space will be one of the safest bets available. Convincing someone can be complex, but you can speak with our business analyst executive or visit our website if you need more compelling reasons.

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