How to build a babysitter app for your business?

Posted by Angeline on June 20th, 2019

Apps are the magical wands of the digital age where everything can be summoned in minutes. With a mobile application, we can easily get the desired products and convenient service, anytime, anywhere.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can get a professional babysitter at the touch of a button, just like availing a cab service?

Are we really having apps to hire nannies online? Yes.

This article is all about babysitting apps, its working, reach among people and so on.

What’s the need for such a service?

In the hectic lives of working parents, raising children is no easy task and they are looking for reliable babysitting services. This demand has increased the average rate of a babysitter for an hour.

However, parents still face challenges in hiring babysitters. A survey by Urban Babysitters indicates that,

  • 30% of babysitters cancel booking on the scheduled time

  • 17% don’t reach on time

  • 6% have disciplinary issues

  • Only 2% are disciplined and strict

  • 35% of them don't tidy up the house post service

On the other hand, babysitters can’t express their reliability through word-of-mouth marketing alone. On-demand apps for babysitting bridges the gap between the two using the advanced on-demand mobile technology. Such applications are getting popular in countries like the US and Europe.  

Working of a Babysitter app

  • Both the nannies and parents have to download their respective apps.

  • After reading the profile, parents can send a request.

  • After receiving the request, babysitter can accept/reject it as per his/her convenience

  • With the mutual agreement from both the parties, the assigned nanny reaches the kid’s home and takes care of them.

  • Parents can pay via the app after the completion of service.

Win-Win Situation for Both Sides

For parents,

  • Getting quality trusted care

  • Convenience with multiple features

  • Real-time updates and emergency alerts

  • Reliable and affordable

For babysitters,

  • A platform to showcase their talents

  • No need for marketing

  • Can tell their availability

  • Decent wages for services

Some of the popular babysitting apps are,

  • Urban Sitter(US)

  • Chime(US)

  • Poppins(UK)

  • Sittr(Australia)

How’s the industry? Is it Profitable?

With the increase in the number of households preferring on-demand babysitting services, it is one of the growing sectors in developed countries. Startups who can provide such hassle-free services can earn millions from this lucrative field.

Are you in?

If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a venture, launching a better app for your business is essential. You should include advanced features such as, 


Both the user and nanny can find the location of each other in real-time and it helps them in easier commute.

God’s Eye View

As an admin, you can track the babysitter with the help of geolocation feature till he/she reaches the destination.

Bill Estimation

The application calculates the final bill automatically taking every factor into consideration such as time spent, specialist fee and so on.


Built with a layer of SSL certification and additional security on code optimization, your customers' financial security is guaranteed.

With a customizable Uber for Babysitter script, you can easily build an advanced app with your business specifications. Enter the lucrative market with an app and start making money in no time.

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