Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

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In the present-day world, humans appear to apply the phrases meditation and Yoga interchangeably. Such humans assume that each are the same. This article objectives such humans and educates them approximately the 2 practices. Both the phrases are absolutely different. In fact, they are bays apart.

Origin of Word Yoga

To apprehend the phrases, we have to first apprehend the foundation of the phrases. Let us first begin with the phrase Yoga. This phrase is a Sanskrit phrase. In that language, the phrase approach union. This phrase represents the relationship among Soul and the Spirit. In reality, this phrase describes the nation of union and the approach to make that occur. An historical sage from India PatanjalI has formulated the bible of Yoga. He located the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They are Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. According to this sage, those are the fundamental steps of Yoga. Thus, yogi is someone who has completely attained the lofty nation of non secular union after passing thru those stages.

Origin of Word Meditation

If you appearance closely, the phrase meditation comes from Dhyana, the Seventh Limb of Yoga proposed with the aid of using the sage Pathanjali. It is basically a nation of focus or consciousness. In the beginning, it is far a non secular nation in which the training yogi has grow to be a success in turning his or her interest inward, and closing off the senses and different outward distractions. By doing so, the yogi could have transcended the stressed thoughts to attain internal self. Technically, one can not meditate, as a substitute she or he ought to do or exercise sure matters to result in the nation of meditation or dhyana.

Interplay of Yoga and Meditation

In reality, we exercise sure matters to result in meditation or dhyana and in the end attain Yoga or union. Sages make this occur with the aid of using enjoyable their body, calming their thoughts, and keeping right respiratory to govern the existence force. The practices of yoga are really designed to assist one discover ways to manipulate this existence force. Prana is referred to as the diffused smart strength that sustains all of the creations and is maximum correlated to the breath in man. In fact, one can not wilfully do meditation (dhyana) or attain Yoga (union) till she or he learns to govern this existence force. Hence, Yoga practitioners devise strategies to educate individuals who need to gain the advantages of meditation and Yoga. Therefore, the scholars of the Yoga elegance want to comply with the commands given with the aid of using the practitioner.

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