A Brisbane Business needing Food Safety Certification?

Posted by IQC Certification Services Australia Pty Ltd on March 24th, 2022

IQC Global (Integrated Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd.) provides integrated, independent and impartial certification services for organisations in Brisbane and all over Australia. From food safety certifications, ISO certifications to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certifications, IQC Global follows an objective and thorough approach when auditing and accrediting businesses.

Are you a Brisbane restaurant, bakery or meal supplier?

A food hygiene certificate or food safety certificate has never meant more to consumers, who are increasingly concerned about safe food handling practices.

IQC Global can assess for a Food Safety Management System certificate to ensure your food safety systems are compliant with relevant legislation. This certification process looks at multiple elements, such as hygiene, manufacturing, equipment, personnel and production, to ensure they are not only safe but standardised.

Without having proper systems in place, your Brisbane business is risking reputational and financial costs.

Is your Brisbane business HACCP trained?

ICQ Global provides HACCP training for Brisbane producers and retailers and beyond.

HACCP training ensures you adopt a preventive approach to food safety. For all businesses within the food supply chain, we assess your current food management systems. We help identify the critical control points in your business, how to monitor and correct these points and how to keep accurate records.

We also train your staff to better understand their responsibilities, such as identifying microbial, physical and chemical hazards and how to control and prevent them.

IQC Global also provides training in management systems, spanning compliance-related topics as well as human resources and soft skills. We offer training programs in time management, contractual labour management, interviewing and more.

Need an ISO certification in Brisbane?

IQC Global provides ISO certificationsfor each ISO standard, including 9001, 27001, 14001 and 45001.

What these ISO Certifications signal to your customers is that your business is well-run, stable and prepared for growth, meeting industry requirements across Australia and the world. Having ISO certifications thereby helps instil confidence in your customers, increasing the likelihood of them being loyal, repeat customers and brand advocates.

As an example, an ISO 27001 certificate means your business has a solid information security system to protect all internal and external data, while an ISO 14001 certificate means you understand and analyse the impact your business has on the environment and you take the steps to be environmentally conscious and legally compliant.

Wondering what sets IQC Global apart?

Our methodology emphasises impartiality. We are committed to objective, risk-based and non-discriminatory analysis. Our processes are also comprehensive and transparent, with two stages of audits before issuance of certificate, as well as surveillance and re-certification audits.

We’re also proud to be an accredited member of both the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies and the Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand.

Start your certification process today

If you’re a Brisbane business looking for effective and efficient food safety and ISO certification or HACCP training, you can receive a free quote and a fast 30-minute consultation by contacting us here: http://www.iqcglobal.com.au/contact-us.

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