Plastic is the most extensively used Packaging Adhesives material

Posted by Coherent Market insights on April 18th, 2022

Plastic is the most extensively used packaging material. Trash bags and carrier bags are made of low-density plastics, but bleach and shampoo bottles are made of high-density plastics. When it comes to selecting the correct adhesive for plastic packaging, binding strength is usually the most important factor to consider. Each form of plastic responds well to UV curable adhesives. To provide a higher level of flexibility, some specific grades of plastic may require an epoxy-based glue. Some pressure sensitive hot melts, as well as PUR polyurethane moisture curing hot melts, are used to connect plastic components.

 Flexible packaging adhesives from Bostik are the smart choice in the packaging market for fill packaging, horizontal flow packaging, laminating, and lidding.

Bostik\'s adhesive products, as a revolutionary leader in flexible packaging, provide consumers with cutting-edge technology to satisfy their needs.

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