Different Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Operations center

Posted by Shally Warner on April 19th, 2022


A security operations centre (SOC) is responsible for undertaking cybersecurity. This includes threat prevention to security infrastructure design to detect incidents to respond. Many people undergo SOC training online for cybersecurity purposes.

But there have been cases where SOC teams struggled to overcome challenges to fulfil different roles and responsibilities. This makes an enterprise vulnerable to attacks.

Responsibilities of the SOC

One of the main duties of the SOC is to protect the company against cyberattacks. SOC teams need to fulfil various responsibilities to manage security incidents, including: properly

  • Investigating possible incidents

SOC teams get many alerts, but not all the alerts point to a potential attack. SOC analysts dig into potential incidents to decide whether they are real or false attacks.

  • Classifying and prioritizing detected incidents

Not all security incidents are made equal, and a company has limited incident response resources. Once an incident has been identified, it needs to be classified and prioritized to enhance resource use and reduce enterprise risk.

  • Coordinating an incident response

You will learn about this responsibility while undergoing  SOC training online. When you respond to an incident, you need to engage with various stakeholders using different tools. As a SOC analyst, you need to orchestrate the process to ensure that oversights do not delay remediation.

  • Maintaining relevance

The landscape of cyber threats is always evolving, and SOC teams need to be able to manage the newest threats to an organization. This includes keeping up with the latest trending attacks and ensuring that security teams have the latest set of rules that can help in detecting such attacks. 

  • Repairing vulnerable systems

Exploiting vulnerabilities is a common attack course for cybercriminals. SOC teams can identify, apply and test patches for vulnerable software and enterprise systems.

  • Infrastructure management

As enterprise networks evolve due to changes in cyber threat landscapes, new security solutions are needed. SOC teams identify, deploy, configure or manage their security infrastructure.  

  • Addressing support tickets

There are many SOC teams that are a part of the IT department. This indicates that SOC analysts can be called upon to help address support tickets from the employees of an organization.

  • Reporting to the management

Security is a part of the business, and SOC teams are required to report to the management regarding vulnerabilities like any other department. This needs the ability to communicate security costs and return on investment to the business audience.

Common SOC Challenges

Some common challenges that SOC teams face are as follows:

  • Staffing important roles
  • Reducing operational impacts
  • Dragging out false positives
  • Reacting fast to attacks
  • Collecting and storing data.

Bottom Line

If you want to keep your data safe and secured, you need to ensure that you hire a team that can protect your organization against cybercriminals. You need to hire a cybersecurity team that underwent SOC training online. This way, you can ensure that your organization is protected against different threats.

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