Alfa Chemistry Now Provides Custom Manufacturing Options for Graphene

Posted by Tylor on May 16th, 2022

Graphene is favored by researchers because they are more solid than steel and have a better conductivity than copper. However, customized preparation for graphene material is a key step for graphene to move toward downstream applications. As a grapherw  ne material manufacturer and technical service provider, Alfa Chemistry announces to start to provide graphene custom manufacturing options for customers worldwide.

“During the last decade, numerous research has been carried out to explore all possible applications of graphene. As a result, the number of findings is also satisfactory,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “For instance, since it is light, graphene could be integrated into composite materials to eliminate the impact of lightning on aircraft fuselages. Also, its waterproof nature makes it perfect to be used in hydrogen reservoirs. Graphene opens up boundaries to other two-dimensional materials as small as atoms, like boron nitride, molybdenum sulphate and tungsten. Piling up these molecules layer-by-layer would create new materials with new properties.”

The comprehensively ranged custom manufacturing options for graphene offered by Alfa Chemistry include the following:

Customized Graphene Dispersion

According to customers’ requirements, Alfa Chemistry can disperse graphene well in solvents like DI Water, EtOH, NMP, DMF, THF, etc.


Graphene Modification

Appropriate modification of the graphene surface can further expand the application range of graphene.

Graphene Quantum Dot Modification

Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) provide a way to instill excellent optical, electronic, mechanical and adsorption properties into various platforms. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of modification techniques, such as amidation, amide bonds, chloride formation, imine formation, epoxide ring opening, and electrophilic aromatic substitution.

Customized Graphene-Based Silicon-Carbon Composites

For different battery systems, Alfa Chemistry selects the appropriate graphene and uses professional technology to make the appropriate composite material.

Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification

With this service, Alfa Chemistry can help improve some of the problems existing in lithium-ion batteries, such as low first discharge efficiency, poor conductivity and poor cycle performance.

Customized High Surface Area Carbon Material

Alfa Chemistry has professional preparation technology that can prepare super large surface area carbon materials with a specific surface area of more than 1000 m2/g?which can be widely used in the research of gas storage, catalyst carrier and electrode material.

Preparation of Graphene-Based Transparent Conductive Electrode

This service helps to allow graphene to be applied in LCD, OLED, solar cells, and photodetectors.

Please visit to learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s options of graphene custom manufacturing.

About Alfa Chemistry

The expert team of Alfa Chemistry always aims to bring the newly emerging materials with huge potentials to researchers once they are commercially available. Graphene is among such materials. Via the use of graphene, many new areas of application have been opened up. Through years of research and innovation, the company not only focuses on the production and offering of high-quality research graphene, but also provides customization, modification and analysis services on graphene.

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