How To Buy The Best Steppers For Gym?

Posted by Ryan Harris on May 18th, 2022

Most exercises have been derived from some common outdoor activities or training methods. For instance, a treadmill allows you to simulate walking or running in an indoor setting. Similarly, a stepper lets people mimic stair climbing within the confines of a gym or their homes. This machine has emerged as a popular choice among users aiming to build up their leg muscles and overall cardiovascular health.

The stepper is now an essential piece of exercise equipment that people expect at commercial fitness facilities. However, choosing the right machine is critical to fulfilling customer expectations. Here are a few useful tips that will help facility owners buy the right stepper.

1. Choose A Machine That Easily Fits In Your Facility

The size of the machine and the available space should be your foremost consideration. Putting a large unit in a small space will inconvenience the users and defeat the purpose of getting the machine. Identify a place in your center where you want to place the equipment. The market is flooded with steppers in different designs and sizes. Once you have marked the space in your gym, look at the models whose dimensions will fit nicely in that space. This will help you shortlist only the right-sized options.

2. Assess The Build Quality Of The Stepper

Once you have zeroed in on suitably-sized models, you must evaluate their overall quality. Is the machine made of sturdy material? Will it be able to withstand the extensive usage pattern of a commercial facility? How smooth are the movable parts? These are important questions that you must find answers to so that you are not saddled with a poor-quality product. Choose a compact model with a strong frame to get the best value for money.

3. Check Out The Console Features

Usability is another critical aspect to look at while purchasing gym equipment. The console is an important part of modern fitness machines and steppers for the gym are no different. Most models are fitted with LED touchscreens. Look at the size and quality of the screens. Do the touch buttons require extra pressure to operate? Is the information clearly visible? Do the machines support WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity? Users want to sync training equipment with their devices to track their training goals. If your clientele has similar expectations, choosing a connected unit will be pertinent. 

4. Know The Warranty Options Offered By Vendors

Warranty is another important point to assess for commercial fitness equipment buyers. Check out how the different components like the frame, movable parts, spares, etc. are covered in the warranty. Does the vendor offer after-sales support in your location? How efficient is their support staff? Asking existing customers and talking to vendors will help you better understand the warranty features.

5. Do A Cost-benefit Analysis Before Making The Final Decision

To select the best product for your fitness facility, do a cost-benefit analysis. Compare the price of a model with its features and associated after-sales benefits. For example, a unit that is costlier than other models but is of sound quality and offers free maintenance for 2 quarters will be a better option that a cheaper model without after-sales support in your location.  

Final Word

The fitness industry has become highly competitive and facility owners need to offer the best solutions and services to retain current clients and attract new ones. Adopting a planned approach that includes the above-mentioned points will help you choose the right stepper that meets your customers’ expectations and generates greater value for your business.

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