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Posted by PARTIK on May 24th, 2016

Wisdom teeth are the third molars of the normal set of teeth in our jaw which grow sometimes in adults, commonly between the ages 17 to 25. Since the mouth is too crowded to provide any extra space for a third molar, these become ‘impacted’ that is, get entrenched into the gums. We, at Stoddard Dental Square Clinic, Mt. Roskill Auckland provide treatment for two kinds of impacted wisdom teeth-partially impacted teeth (when the crown is visible above the gums) and fully impacted (when no crown is visible, that is the whole of the tooth has grown underneath the surface, leading to a swollen appearance of the gums). These often grow in the direction towards the 2nd molar, the pre-molars or may grow like other normal teeth, staying set in the jawbone all the while.

Impacted wisdom teeth are delicate and require special treatment. Since they erupt quite forcibly in the mouth, they put a considerable pressure on the other surrounding teeth, like the second molar, for example, which leads to damage and various kinds of infections. These require special treatment and, in severe cases, may lead to tooth-extraction. The tooth emerges from a sac within the jawbone and, sometimes, due to bacterial growth, the sac becomes infected, swollen and filled with pus. In rare cases, a tumor can even erupt. In these cases, it is usually a benign one. The dentists at Stoddard dental square clinic are experienced in handling such cases; the patient is let off with a minor surgery involving removal of some bones and tissues. Sometimes, in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, a medical condition called pericoronitis occurs. It is a painful inflammation caused due to partially erupted wisdom teeth. Other than these, the partially erupted wisdom tooth is very difficult to clean, as food particles can get trapped between the gum and tooth. It further leads to gum diseases, bad breath and the like.

To provide the best treatment to the patient, our dentist first examines the oral health of the patient, whether it is really a case of impacted wisdom tooth or not. An X-ray, if needed, is also performed. Usually the treatment involves a careful inspection of the affected area and the dentist will examine if an extraction is really needed. The surgery is done with or without a local anesthesia and the patient is treated as an outpatient. The discharge is done on the very day of the operation.

Tooth extraction can give rise to anxiousness and embarrassment in some patients. Stoddard advises the company of a supportive family member or a friend during the treatment.


Stoddard Dental Square is sympathetic to the patient who has suffered a terrible accident and has registered with Accident Compensation Corporation, New Zealand. To avail the facilities the patient must come to us, and, after the initial treatment, fill up the required form to avail the facility. It is that simple. He will have to bear a part of the expense of the ACC treatment initially, which will later be refunded to him duly by the corporation. For more information on impacted wisdom teeth or free ACC Treatment, log in to the website or call us at 09-6207771.


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