What Your eCommerce Website must look Like?

Posted by Sudha Solutions on July 12th, 2022

If you have an online store, creating a compelling electronic storefront that can convince potential customers is of extreme importance. Just watch the following figures:

  • Around 26% of small retail businesses still don’t have a good business website
  • 50% or even more of eCommerce revenue is said to generate through mobile devices
  • 85% of online shoppers say that they find product information and pictures important while deciding to buy a product
  • 57% of users don’t recommend an online store without a responsive website

The above facts reveal the importance of a good eCommerce portal design. And to have a dedicated, responsive, interactive website, the services of an eCommerce portal design company are equally important.

Key Features of an eCommerce Website

Some of the salient features that an eCommerce web design company can offer for your organization include:

  1. A High-Quality Design with Easy Navigation

A business looking to succeed in the highly competitive market needs a website design that integrates its characteristics and qualities. A high-quality website design is a non-negotiable business asset in the eCommerce world. Businesses need a platform with intricate building blocks for a good plan and simultaneously provide flexibility in showcasing individual brand identities.

Similarly, easy navigation is a must that translates to all screen sizes and devices. With almost 60% of eCommerce traffic from smartphones, businesses need to focus on smartphones. An eCommerce store needs to ensure its economic platform is well equipped to scale with online stores to every screen size and device.

  1. User-Focused Functionality

An eCommerce store is necessary for users and visitors who want to purchase products or services from a business. When a visitor can abandon a purchase with a single click, every brand aspect needs to be tailored with high-quality performance. A personalized experience for each visitor and their individual purchase journey requires providing them with a rich user experience.

An excellent eCommerce platform allows a brand to use customer data across multiple channels. AI ensures power product recommendations that automatically appear and readjust per user's preferences and in real-time. Wish lists created with user demands can help a business personalize product recommendations to the purchasers and allow them to save items for future purchases conveniently.

  1. Integration with Physical Store

While shopping online, customers sometimes need to know if they can physically see the product in the nearest brick and mortar retail store. A good eCommerce solution company in India adds functionality by a find-in-store button linked to a geo-location. For example, an Italian clothing brand has created seamless transitions between its digital and physical stores, resulting in a growth of almost 12% of digital sales occurring at physical stores.

Integrating eCommerce with physical retail, including interactive in-store displays, can deliver next-level shopping experiences. Innovative omnichannel expertise both in and out of the store helps deliver more fruitful results.

4. Advanced Security

Ecommerce deals with various online transactions with an inevitable exchange of sensitive financial information. Most eCommerce transactions and single-click mobile payments are facilitated through credit or debit cards. Some are also linked directly with bank accounts. No matter the payment method, all personal and financial information shared by the business must be kept secure. Companies must invest in a secure eCommerce platform equipped with advanced security features.


eCommerce portal design company has a team of experienced professionals who follow a streamlined process for designing various eCommerce websites. These design teams work with their clients to understand their unique demands and requirement. Every business is different, and so an eCommerce website should be. Sudha Solutions is an eCommerce web design company that provides you with solutions to help meet your business goals.

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