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Posted by Danyking on May 25th, 2016

With the release of Vengeance Breaks update on June 1, players can have their own pets. They don’t fight themselves and offer defensive bonuses when kept well fed. Two new exclusive pets are introduced in North America and Europe, named a Griffin and Otter. Here Safewow gives you a brief overview and offers guide on how to obtain pets. For cheap gold Blade and Soul for sale, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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Defensive Bonuses provided and a countdown timer involved in the pet system.

The higher the pet level is, up to Stage 10, the better the defensive bonuses are offered. Also, the pet system has a countdown which shows how long it provides its defensive bonuses. When the time expires, you will lose the additional buff. Time can be extended by using Spirit Incense which can be acquired though cash shop or by farming. Spirit Incense will extend the time by 1 hour 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Guide on how to obtain pets in Blade and Soul

Pets can be obtained through dungeon drops, completing achievements, and direct purchase from the Hongmoon Store, etc.
In Blade and Soul CN/JP, pet is known as Guardian Stone. You can farm Guardian Stone from Sogun’s Lament 4, and other two new dungeons. In Blade and Soul CN/JP, Guardian Stone can be obtained by either rare drops from Heroic dungeons or buying a Guardian Stone Bag from the Cash Shop.

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