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Posted by Liz Seyi on July 23rd, 2022

While for many people, the notion of literally havingbeer on tap at home might seem a distant fantasy, significant numbers of other people are committed to making the fantasy a reality. 

So, if you are in the process of installing or reshaping a home bar, what are some of the elements you need to make sure it includes? Below, we’ve set out a few ideas.

The perfect location 

A home bar isn’t just a seemingly random selection of drinks; it should be a truly sophisticated facility giving you access to beer on tap at home. 

So, you should be sure to site your bar in a part of your abode where it will be an appropriate and welcome focal point. If you intend to invite friends over to enjoy your home bar, for example, it will probably make a lot more sense to situate it in a garden room or pool house, than at the other side of your home office from your work desk. 

The kegs that will make for the most satisfying drinking experience 

Naturally, thekegs that you connect to your bar will be extremely important, given that they will provide the drinks constituting the ‘star attraction’ of your bar! 

Whether you or your friends or family who will likely be using the bar are most drawn to beer, cider, real ale, or cocktails – or something completely different – we can provide the 30-litre or 50-litre kegs that will have everyone well-hydrated with their favourite selections. 

The most suitable glassware 

The glassware that you purchase for use with your home bar should naturally fit in well with whatever aesthetic you have chosen for your bar. Sure enough, there is no shortage of different styles, textures, and sizes available for such glasses. 

One golden rule when choosing glasses for a home bar, though, is to avoid overly thin ones that have a high chance of breaking. Let’s face it – when you’re relaxing at home, if a given glass is susceptible to breaking, it probably will break at some point. 

Another important thing is to ensure you wash your glasses correctly with proper rinse agent, in addition to always washing beer glasses separately to wine glasses or crockery. This is crucial because the fat or oils in milk and cooking oils coat the glass and cover up the “nucleation points” where bubbles can form. Improper glass treatment can therefore lead to your beer appearing flat.

Along similar lines, if you intend to order lager for your bar regularly, we would urge you to buy proper lager glasses, instead of tulip glasses without the nucleation points at the bottom. You would be surprised what difference this makes to how your beer tastes. 


Seating obviously has a crucial practical role to play in a home bar space, enabling everyone present to sit comfortably. It also helps that barstools can fit snugly against a bar, thereby minimising the amount of space they take up. 

Having said that, barstools can also be key to creating that authentic ‘bar’ feel. If you have a bit more room to play with, chairs can also work well for emphasising the ‘homely’ feel of a home bar. 

Cellar gas 

When you want to ensure the beer served at your home bar continues to taste as brilliant as it should, you will also want to ensure you are using the right type of gas and the correct pressure settings. 

Yes, we provide gas cylinders for home bars right here at Love Beer Bars Ltd; small gas cylinders are available that hold sufficient gas for about two to three kegs. Please note, however, that these gas bottles can only be purchased alongside a keg or service from us. 

In addition, we offer large bottles that hold 10 kegs worth of gas, but you need to ask us specifically for these. 

Yes, a lot of work will go into creating a bar that enables you to easily enjoy beer on tap at home – but when you have the right essentials in place, all the labour will feel more than worthwhile! If there is any other aspect of installing or maintaining a home or office bar for which you could do with further advice, please don’t hesitate to enquire to us.

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