Facts About Physical Therapy in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD

Posted by professionalhealthcarephri on August 7th, 2022

Being admitted to a hospital or medical facility following an illness is customary. Being provided with timely treatment is not enough to regain one's health. More often than not, medical professionals recommend certain types of therapy to ensure a full recovery. While such an option benefits the seniors greatly, younger people may find it advantageous to undergo physical therapy in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD too.

It would be helpful to learn about this particular type of therapy to understand its implications on the human body and psyche. According to the "American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)," trained therapists are capable of restoring the full range of movement in patients. They have the expertise to diagnose and treat injuries, health conditions, and specific disabilities.

Although most patients opt for the therapy on their doctor's advice, some can also approach a therapist to obtain the necessary help by making a self-decision. The role of such a therapist is not identical for every patient, however. Instead, it is a need-based treatment with the concerned professional taking care to do the following:

Examine the patient and note the flexibility of joints, range of movements, and condition of muscles

  •  Go through the case history details
  •  Provide a diagnosis of the existing condition and chalk out a plan of treatment that may be long-term or short-term as per the necessity
  •  Perform physical therapy regularly until the objective is fulfilled
  •  Recommend self-management by introducing the patient to simple exercises that can be done without observation

Managing with hands may not always be enough. The physical therapist may require to use the following in addition to stretching muscles and joints:

Iontophoresis- Electric current is passed through the body to deliver drugs such as topical steroids. This is an accepted way of reducing local inflammation

e-stim- this procedure involves electrical stimulation as well. It is used predominantly to ease pain by stimulating the nerves. The muscular units are also stimulated electrically to improve their functioning

Heat & Ice Therapy- The inflamed and painful areas are kept under control with the application of heat and/or cold packs

Light Therapy- Patients diagnosed with specific ailments may find relief when light energy in the form of lasers is directed at the affected area

Physical therapy is not necessary for every patient. Instead, patients with compromised musculoskeletal disorders may be advised to undergo therapy after discharge from the medical facility. It is a supplemental procedure that is found to be highly effective for the following:

  •  Reduction of Pain & Inflammation
  •  Alternative to surgery
  •  Ensuring Mobility
  •  Facilitating recovery after a stroke
  •  Recuperating from a sports injury
  •  Improving balance by reducing the risks of slips & falls
  •  Management of age-related issues
  •  Management of cardiovascular conditions

When a patient is advised to recuperate at home, it may become essential to hire a professional to provide skilled nursing in Washington, DC, and Annandale, MD.

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