Main features of PP woven bags

Posted by sdf on August 9th, 2022

The woven bag has the characteristics of custom paper bag light weight, high electrical efficiency, good anti-magic deterioration, and simple shaping. PP weave has the general characteristics of PP and its attributes. the following:

1. Lightweight

PP is generally lighter, and the appearance of plastic braids is about 0.9-0.98 g/cm3. Commonly used PP weave, if no filler is added, is equal to the density of PP. PP Braided Applications PP has a density of 0.9-.91 g/cm3. Usually braids are lighter in weight than water.

2. High breaking strength

PP braid is indeed a kind of holding material with high fracture durability in PP products, which is related to its molecular structure, crystallinity, writing orientation, etc., as well as the type of chemicals. If the unique durability (strength/specific gravity pressure) is used to study the PP braid, it actually exceeds or comes close to the metal material.

3. Chemical resistance

PP braid has good corrosion resistance to inorganic, organic and good. It has no long-term effect at temperatures below 110 degrees Celsius. It has strong chemical stability to solvents, greases, etc. If the temperature rises, carbon tetrachloride, xylene, turpentine, etc. can expand. It can be oxidized by strong oxides such as fuming nitric acid solution, fuming sulfuric acid solution and halogen. It has good corrosion resistance to strong bases and general acids.


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