Protective measures of medical goggles

Posted by sdf on August 10th, 2022

oggles are an aesthetic basic protection in security products. According to medical goggles specific environmental requirements, it includes various capabilities such as splash-proof, risk-proof, light weight, anti-ultra-high-speed particle effect, and dust particle confirmation. Goggles usually include a digital camera focus zoom lens, a photo frame, and a strap. Whether the goggles are awesome or not depends on the content. It can be what we often call a polycarbonate camera lens!

Not only is this piece of gear very impact resistant, but it's so versatile that it's hard to stop, and it's actually not a hassle to get it for long periods of time. Plus the light transmittance of your PC fabric is very good, the fairly high light transmittance of the lamp body can improve the detection level of the market, and you will find that there is no cheap blur!

At the same time, the goggles can also control the sun's rays, and the first-level reflective video is integrated into the computer body, which greatly reduces the combination of ultraviolet sunlight and the light of computers and mobile phones. This could be an added multimedia for the driver of the car driving the entire rear stop. !

Notebook PC or pc plastic-like materials provide special features with better light transmittance, high amount of refractive slip, significant amount of light reflection, dimensional stability and ease of handling and molding, which are often used in For vision contact lenses, digital cameras, microscopes, telescopes and vision testing equipment.


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